Google Adwords Keyword Tool Strategies For Beginners

By | December 13, 2018

You probably heard about Google AdWords keyword tool when you think about keywords research. If not, Google AdWords keyword tool is to research keywords for advertising purposes. Let me elaborate: Google AdWords is a PPC network for advertiser to advertise their business and drive traffic from google ads. Google AdWords provides many powerful tools for advertisers. Keyword planner is one of them also known as Google AdWords Keyword Tool to research keywords.

If you are not familiar or have no ideas about keyword tool then don’t you worry? This article is made for beginner. I don’t wanna go deep with Google AdWords and how it works so let’s jump into Keyword tools offered by Google AdWords.

Advertiser use Google AdWords keyword tool to search for specific keyword and analyze them. This powerful tool provides you with monthly search volume, their competition, CPC bids and others data for specific keyword. According to the data advertisers select and run their ads by targeting specific keyword. So, this is the way it meant to be work.

But if you are not an advertiser but a publisher and wants to get higher in search engine ranking. Go ahead and use it for SEO purpose. Google offers such powerful tool for free and yes for everyone. Below are some strategies you must know or have while using such powerful tool.

Introduction on Google AdWords keyword tool

If you are beginner and not a member yet, go ahead and sign up for Google AdWords. If you are already a member or familiar with this tool then you can continue with article.

Let me describe how you will start digging keywords for your content.

If you are logged in for the first time then navigate “Tools” > Select “Keyword Planner” from the drop down.

The Landing Page will look similar like the image below:


This tool offers multiple options to find your keywords. As a publisher we will work in “Find new keywords and get search volume data”

Option 1: “Search for new keywords using a phrase. Website or category”

This option is use for searching new keywords. We will use this option in our strategies.

Option 2: “Get search volume data and trends”

If you already have some keywords and wants detail data about it. Go with this option to get search volume and other statistics.

Option 3: “Multiply keyword lists to get new keywords”

This option can be use to generate new keywords and its search volume data by combining multiple list you already own.

Strategies for Google AdWords keyword tool

You can find lots of other Free and paid keyword research tools. Most of the people go for paid ones cause paid things are always satisfying. But while you use free tools you may think it is not more effective than paid tools. But keep in mind Google AdWords keyword tool is free product of Google AdWords. Any advertisement you see in google search is done through this platform. Many advertiser depends on their search volume data provided by AdWords. So you must give it a try and I am sure by following some strategies you will get best results.

To get started with Google AdWords keyword tool go with option first as I told you before. You can see something like the image below:

Provide as much as more information

You can see “enter one or more of the following” and many people just input keyword and hit get ideas button. They skip other features and still the results are nice but not great.

If you want more relevant results then better go with multiple option. You can type in the keywords in the “product or service” field and Your domain in “landing page”. If you do not have any domain or does not want to input your domain then goes with “category”. More information means more relevant data.

Find low competition keywords

To rank easily in search engine target low competition keywords. Google AdWords keyword tool provides feature to filter keywords according to competition level. While you do some research you can see three different level of competition “High > medium > low”. High competition means many website target those keywords. Mostly high domain authority website target high competition keywords. Medium is always medium in everything. Low competition is what we must target.

You can filter keywords and allow Google AdWords keyword tool to display only low competition keywords.

  • Click “Filter Keywords
  • Check “Low” option
  • Click “Save


Now whenever you do keywords research, results will only displays the low competition keywords.

Choosing correct keywords volume data

We always know the volume data is never correct every time. You may get less search volume and high search volume of same keywords on different tools. Google AdWords keywords tool shows the estimate search data from Google database. This is estimate not 100% sure. So while you began your research keep in mind: Too high is not good and too low is not good as well.
We can never estimate the fix amount of volume but it’s always best to go with average from less (10k – 100k) or high (100k – 1M). You can choose your own if you are not able to find such volume. There is one to keep in mind is if you have less domain authority then always search for high volume and low competition.

If you are publisher from google adsense and and want to increase your google adsense earningsYou should keep your eyes on CPC bids.


Always perform long tail keywords search

Single keyword is not enough to drive lots of traffic even if the search volume is high. If you target single keyword then you are missing lots of gems. You can double the traffic if you always target multiple keywords. So while you research you must always check almost all pages of keywords list.

By default, “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms” filter is turned off in Google AdWords keyword tool. You should turn it on if you want results to be listed which are closely related to your search terms. Remember it depends, sometimes it may not be able to list many ideas while you turn it on so you can try by turning off too.

Try comparing date range to understand current trends

Setting up date range will surely make you clear about what people are searching currently. By default the date range is for 1 year. This time periods are very good for more relevant data about search terms. You can compare the last year and New Year search data and find out which year or month the trends for specific keywords was higher. You can retrieve data by setting date range and find out if people are searching for that keywords anymore or even more than before.

  • Navigate “Date Range
  • Set up date
  • You enable “Compare” option
  • Click “Save


You can find keywords volume data according to the dates and get rank for what search terms people are really searching.

There are many other features Google AdWords keyword tool offers to their users. You can always try different methods to search keywords and get relevant data. If you are really beginners or you know something about Google AdWords keyword tool this strategies will surely help you. You will get different and relevant data than before if you follows these few strategies. If you have any question or more tips on Google AdWords keyword tool, drop your comment below and I am always free to reply. Do not forget to share because sharing is caring.

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