5 sacred animals all over the world

In each civilization or culture there are many sacred animals endowed with sacred qualities. These are associated with myths and legends.

One of the main lessons we learn when traveling is that our perspective changes completely depending on where we were born and raised. Indeed, in some countries sacred animals are not in other countries. Here are some examples.

What species are sacred animals?

The belief that animals are divine beings goes back a long time. Ancient civilization gave sacred qualities to the animals around them. As a result, many legends and myths float around them. Some examples are:

Elephant (Thailand)

This animal is a symbol of Thailand’s country. In fact, they used elephant contours on the flag until 1917. As a result, this animal is strongly associated with the history of this Southeast Asian country.

First of all, the white elephant is the most sacred animal to the Thai people. For 5000 years, Thais have respected white elephants for their association with royalty and prosperity.

Currently, Asian elephants (in the photo above) are threatened with extinction due to hunting, tourism and deforestation. The good news is that there are several sanctuaries that can be seen in the wild without disturbing the elephants.

2. Cattle (India)

Clearly, one of the most fascinating scenes seen in India is the cows roam freely between streets and markets. This is especially true because nobody does anything to them.

Indians even care more for their cows than their children. In fact, Hindus, though hungry, will never eat a piece of beef, which is quite common in this country.

Cows are sacred animals in Hinduism. Hindus regard cattle as symbols of life. That’s why there are annual parties for bathing cows and decorating them at various temples. In ancient India only cows that did not produce milk were sacrificed.

3. Jaguar (Mexico)

In the Meso-American culture, there are 5 sacred animals found in the remains of the Aztec temple. Snakes, eagles, and jaguars. The first is abundance, the second is warrior, and the third is mountain, power, and power.

This civilization is known to be associated with maternal love because of the nocturnal habits of Jaguar due to the extreme care of the night and darkness and the females of the female Jaguar.

These beautiful, hairy carnivores are considered scary in Mexico not only because of their aggressive cats and animals, but also because of the power they say they have.

4. Tiger (China)

The tiger is not only one of the Chinese zodiac, but also one of the four great gods of the country, along with turtles, dragons and phoenixes. The name of this god is ‘white tiger’, guardian of human teaching, king of all animals and master of the mountain.

Also, the Chinese associate tigers with elements of metal, virtues of justice, and the autumn season. In some cases, it is associated with war, because the army guarding the emperor made the symbol of the tiger.

5. Boar (Nordic)

The wild boar is one of the Celtic sacred animals. For the boar symbolized courage, power, prophecy, and magic.

Eventually, the animal was worshiped in Western Europe as a symbol of health and protection. So at the feast held before the battle, they used to treat wild boars to warriors.

In the case of the female wild boar, symbolized sensuality. It was also a companion of the female witches and hunters, the goddess Arduina, the forerunner of the Roman goddess Diana. In some Nordic countries, wild boar talismans and totems are used at home or in clothing.


5 sacred animals all over the world


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