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8 Tips To Protect Your AMOLED Screen From Burn-In ft. OnePlus 6

8 Tips To Protect Your AMOLED Screen oneplus 6: Hi, this is Shoaib from Tech Tuts Hub. Let’s talk about the AMOLED Burn-In problem today and how you can take precautions to increase the lifespan of your screen. Considering a lot of companies are adopting the notch, most phones are now equipped with AMOLED screens including the iphone 10/X companies like Samsung, LG, oneplus have been using AMOLED for a while now. Personally, I love the AMOLED screen, its vivid, deep blacks make the screen look beautiful. However, there is one problem, the way they are designed, there are individual light-emitting pixels or diodes so these diodes or pixels in an AMOLED Matrix delay over time because of which it loses its color accuracy. This is partly because individual pixels do not decay at the same rate. The navigation bar, status icons appear all the time, so these light-emitting pixels wear out first compared to the other portions of the screen which is why we will talk about eight things you can do to protect your AMOLED screen from Burn-In and increase the lifespan.

8 Tips To Protect Your AMOLED Screen oneplus 6

1. Screen Brightness

Keep the display brightness low, more the screen brightness faster is the delay. So you have to make sure you keep the screen brightness to bare minimum, enough to see the screen. Auto brightness helps you do that, so I would recommend you keep that on.


2. Screen time off

Screen time off, reduce the screen time off to as low as possible, I keep it to 15 seconds because; less the time the screen is on more the lifespan.


3. Always-on or ambient display

If you keep always-on display enabled I would recommend you switch it off, more often than not you will have your screen locked. Always on display will show up on that portion of the screen which will toss that portion to burn. You can also try and keep only ambient display on and keep it only when there’s a notification you lift the phone. If you still want to leave it on keep changing the color and patterns so at least the same part isn’t burned.


4. Use darker themes

If your phone has a theme store or allows you to enable dark theme. Go ahead and do that it helps you save battery and also protect your display.

5. Use gesture/Hide buttons

If your phone has on-screen buttons, you got a problem. Try avoiding using navigation buttons, try gestures, it has a learning curve but you will get used to it or else if you have the option to hide your navigation buttons and use it when required do that. You will see it on the home screen that after all by default but it will be hidden on the apps. You have the option to toggle per app, so it is very interesting to use this feature if your phone supports it. 8 Tips To Protect Your AMOLED Screen oneplus 6


6. Use dark wallpapers

Use solid black wallpaper or you could use a wallpaper that is really dark I use backdrop to get some interesting looking dark wallpapers.


7. Dark keyboard theme

I use Swift key, it allows me to create custom theme or use a dark inbuilt theme. Unfortunately it doesn’t allow creating a theme by changing the character color.“8 Tips To Protect Your AMOLED Screen oneplus 6”. Google also provides darker themes and the ability to create custom themes in case you use the Google keyboard. It’s important that you try this, you do use the keyboard a lot this helps avoid burnin on the lower portions of the screen.


8. Move your icons

My Galaxy Note 2 had the issue where the icons on the screen had ghosting issue and was visible on all screen. This is why it is necessary that you move your screen icons and widgets once every two to three weeks this will help avoid the problem. In case you have a display that’s already burned and it’s under warranty run to the service center now and get it replaced or else there are tools that do a color inversion and ask you to leave the screen on for roughly 8 hours. Try it at your own risk, I wouldn’t recommend doing that anyways.

8 Tips To Protect Your AMOLED Screen oneplus 6



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