Android 10 all features and functions

This 2019 will present the new version of the Google operating system for mobile phones, Android Q. Both before, during and after its presentation in the Google I / O 2019, we will collect here all the features of Android Q that are confirmed like this as the mobiles that will be receiving the update or the betas that can be installed in each brand. android 10 operating system

What’s new in Android 10, the first unnamed dessert

For the first time, the Mountain View company has abandoned desserts. This time, its operating system, although internally remains ‘Android Q’ maintaining the usual alphabetical order, is commercially  Android 10. In this sense, the Mountain View firm has adapted to its most direct rival, which is Apple, and has always used a numerical denomination. So, the desserts are behind, and from now on we will talk about  Android 10.

Android 10 features

Dark mode

Although Google has already started this important interface change with Android 9 Pie, Android 10 has finally meant the complete introduction of the dark mode. Users choose one mode or another and, automatically, all apps are adapted as long as they have been prepared by the developers. Google apps are already adapted, and the entire operating system natively, and this helps reduce energy consumption for better autonomy.

Smart energy management

With each new version of the operating system, Google has introduced improvements in this area. Now, energy management uses artificial intelligence, and machine learning, to adapt energy consumption to our particular needs and uses of the device. Based on our habits,  Android 10 is constantly learning when we need more or less energy and power and adapts to achieve maximum autonomy.

Live caption

Live Caption technology is responsible for putting automatic subtitles, even without an Internet connection, to any audio or video file. Thus, when we cannot enjoy movies with sound, for example, we can continue to consume multimedia content without any problem. Previously we had to resort to third-party apps, and now this is a function natively integrated into the Android 10 operating system.

Smart reply

Smart Reply technology is also natively integrated into the entire Android 10 operating system. This means that the OS can recognize text messages in messaging apps to suggest automatic responses that we can send quickly to our contacts. And not only is it able to suggest complete text phrases in our language, but also shortcuts to applications and emojis.

Android 10 all features and functions

New emojis

Adapting to the latest news from Unicode,  Android 11 introduces in the Google keyboard, preinstalled in the operating system, no less than  65 new emoji. In this way we will have more forms of expression with the graphic keyboard and, above all, collectives that were not previously represented are included. This update occurs every year, and in fact, the Unicode yam Consortium works on the next news.

Sound amplifier

Automatically, thanks to this accessibility option, the Android 10 operating system can recognize ambient sound. And it does so that, when we are using headphones to reproduce any type of sound, video or music, the frequencies are raised or lowered adaptively and dynamically. So we can enjoy the sound to a greater extent, even if there is environmental ‘noise’.

Gesture control

Following the trend marked by Android 9 Pie, in  Android 10 the physical buttons, capacitive, and even touch buttons remain for the past. The operating system can be completely controlled by gestures, although there are four main ones. The one to start, the one to go back, the one to open multitasking and the one that allows us to switch between applications. We will use them ‘pulling’ from the bottom to the top, sliding from the side, sliding from the bottom and holding in the central area or sliding from the left to the right, respectively.

Privacy control

Now we have a new permit management system for applications that is not only more complete but above all gives more information to the user. We can know which apps use what hardware, in what way and at what times, with information even in real-time. And regarding the location with GPS, mobile networks or WiFi, we can control if the apps have access only when they are in use, or at any time, as iOS already allowed.


Focus Mode

“Android 10 all features and functions” The  ‘concentration mode’ is an improvement of the Digital Wellness system. Using the  Focus Mode we can temporarily restrict access to the applications that make us the most time, so that we have a disconnection time to work, for example, or to study. Or simply, to keep us away from the applications that make us have a mobile phone in our hands.

Security patches

As of  Android 10, the monthly security patches will no longer be distributed to manufacturers, and that these are the ones that make them reach users by an OTA update. From now on, security patch updates will reach users directly from the Google Play Store, as if it were an application update. Therefore, they will arrive faster and to a greater number of users.

Photography Enhancements

Android 10 now natively supports monochrome photographic sensors, a novelty in the photographic section that has been especially exploited by the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. And it also supports natively the .heic format that allows an excellent relationship between quality and compression, far superior to .jpg, which is the most widespread format in this area.

Android 10 all features and functions

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