ASIA COCODRILE »Characteristics Size, Weight, Habitat

The Asian crocodile or Siamensis crocodile is very little known to people and not much information about it is handled.

Not only is he known by those names but also by others among which Siam Crocodile and Siamese Crocodile stand out.

These names allude to the fact that the first specimen of this species was found in Siam, Thailand.

Next we bring you the necessary information so that you can know this wonderful species.

You will discover what are its main characteristics, natural habitat, what they feed on, how they reproduce and what dangers and threats this reptile species faces.

ASIA COCODRILE »Characteristics Size, Weight, Habitat
ASIA COCODRILE »Characteristics Size, Weight, Habitat

Main characteristics of the Asian crocodile 

It is a crocodile native to the Asian continent and is part of the Crocodylidae family.

When looking at this animal we can see that it has a head larger than its body.

The color of his skin is olive almost turning brown, with black spots around.

The Asian crocodile or siamensis, like other crocodiles, has very strong teeth, having a total of 60 to 70 teeth.

A very peculiar characteristic is the width of its snout.

It has a very long period of life compared to that of other crocodiles, achieving at least 90 years of life.

This creature has a very shy and docile behavior, and the fact that there have been no attacks on humans by her has been impressive.

Size and weight

It is not a large crocodile, it usually reaches at most 3 meters and with good luck 4 meters, weighing 70 to 90 kilograms.

Where do you live

The Asian or Siamensis usually looks for areas where calm and slow waters are found, living in rivers, swamps and lakes.

However, they do not withstand high temperatures.

The specimens that are in the wild are geographically distributed to Southeast Asia.

We can find them in Cambodia, where the information that lives the largest population of this species is handled.

Also in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam where the reintroduction of this species has been implemented and of course Thailand.

What does it feed on

This animal is carnivorous. Due to the conditions of the areas where they live they feed mainly on fish, lizards, and snakes and mammals of considerable size.

The Asian crocodile or Siamensis does not spend energy searching for their food, rather they usually wait until an unfortunate animal approaches.

How to reproduce

The Asian crocodile or Siamensis reaches sexual maturity at 10 years, it is at a very early age if we compare it with other crocodiles that usually reach it at 15 years.

Its reproductive season is after the rainy seasons. After mating, the female is responsible for building the nest with remains of leaves and vegetation.

In that nest it lays 20 to 50 eggs, with an incubation period of approximately 70 days.

Dangers and threats

It is known that this animal is in a critical state about to disappear.

Studies reveal that 80% of the specimens have disappeared in the wild, with the odd population having very low numbers.

This is one of the most beautiful crocodiles that exist, that is why it is very sought after for its skins and its value increases for this reason.

Another reason why it is in danger of extinction is that its eggs are collected for commercialization and its habitat has been altered with agricultural activities.

Without neglecting the fact that this breed has lost its purity due to the mixtures they make with other crocodiles

For all this, in several countries programs were implemented to recover this beautiful animal and its natural habitat.


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