The 10 best dog harnesses 2019

As you know, there are several advantages of walking your dog with a harness instead of a collar. In addition to being more comfortable for our hairy , harnesses usually transmit greater security to tutors, thanks to the grip and the possibilities of adjustment. The success of these accessories is also reflected in the wide variety of brands and types of dog harnesses available in specialty stores and other stores.

Thinking about it and to help you always choose quality products, we will dedicate this Animal Expert article to tell you what are the 10 best harnesses for dogs 2019 . Do not miss!

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Top 10 of the best dog harnesses 2019

Logically and, like everything in life, to choose the “best harness for dogs” among many options, it is essential to pay attention to the needs and expectations of each individual. Therefore, it is not possible to determine which is the best harness for all dogs, but each tutor will need to grant their companion well and verify what type of accessory most combines with their size and physical condition , and best meets their needs during activities He performs in his day to day.

What we will do in this brief ranking is to present you which are considered the 10 best harnesses for dogs 2019 , keeping in mind not only the quality and durability of each accessory (which logically are the two fundamental characteristics when acquiring a harness for our furry), but also considering the cost-benefit (or value for money) of each of these harnesses for dogs.

Concluded this little introduction, let’s not wait any longer and let’s begin to discover which are the 10 best harnesses for dogs 2019 that deserve a place of prominence in our list.

1. Julius K9 IDC harness

Nothing is more appropriate than starting our list of the 10 best dog harnesses 2019 with the brand that, for several years, remains the favorite. The IDC Julius K-9 harness continues to lead its market segment with excellent value for money and an outstanding variety of sizes, offering from baby size for very small puppies or dogs, to size 3 that is specially designed as a harness for large dogs with body weight up to 70 kg.

It should also be noted that the Julius K-9 harness, in all its sizes, is made of polyester and resistant materials , providing the guarantee of high durability. Its ergonomic design facilitates the adaptation to the body dimensions of each dog, being very comfortable for our hairy during their daily walks. In addition, it optimizes the distribution of the load and tension in the chest of the dog (and not in its throat and neck), preventing injuries and being very appropriate also for working dogs, such as police dogs and rescuers.

Last but not least, the Julius K-9 brand also stands out for providing the tutor with the possibility of creating a custom dog harness . All Julius K-9 harnesses have a velcro on their side regions, which allow each owner to add designs, logos, images and labels to fully customize their best friend’s harness.

2. Norwegian Hunter Racing harness

The Norwegian harness of the Hunter Racing brand also deserves a place of prominence among the 10 best harnesses for dogs 2019. In addition to being made of good quality materials to provide maximum comfort to our furry, they are very easy to place and can Easily adapt to the body condition of each dog, thanks to the adjustable strap that runs through your chest.

It also stands out as a good harness for escapist dogs , since they have an optimal support distributed between the chest and back, as well as an additional handle in the dorsal region. This Norwegian type harness is manufactured in five sizes (S, M, L, XL and XXL) and is not very suitable for very small puppies or dogs, since the minimum chest contour (referring to the S size harness) is 42cm However, it makes available to consumers a good variety of colors and quite affordable prices.

One last relevant detail about this Hunter Racig harness is its interior has a polar type lining that, although it is soft and light, is not appropriate for the high temperatures of the summer, since they would cause the dog even more heat and prevent it from cooling off . For the same reason, it is an excellent harness for cold climates and is often used to practice winter canine sports , such as mushing.

3. Ruffwear Escapist Dog Harness

The American brand Ruffwear has gained a lot of popularity thanks to the high strength and durability of its harnesses, which were originally focused on the practice of exercises and outdoor activities. Its Web Master antiscape model stands out for having 3 attachment points and 5 adjustment points, being one of the safest accessories for dogs that require a reinforced grip to avoid escape attempts during their walks or physical training. The three grip points are in front of the chest, around the chest and around the abdomen, making it really difficult for the dog to get rid of the accessory and run away.

The five adjustment points and the ergonomic design allow a perfect adaptation of the antiscape harness to the body of each furry. And the combination of the reinforced support and adjustment also allows this to be one of the most appropriate harnesses for elderly dogs and / or with reduced mobility, in addition to optimally adapting to dogs that play sports on different types of soil.

The only possible “disadvantage” of this Ruffwear escapist dog harness is that it requires a higher investment than the other dog harnesses in our ranking. Likewise, it is valid to say that its price is remarkably reflected in the quality and safety that it offers to the tutor and in the comfort of his furry.

4. Ruffwear Premium Front Range Harness

In our Top 10 of the best harnesses for dogs, we also want to give a special place to the Front Range Premium model of the aforementioned Ruffwear brand . This accessory differs by offering 2 grip points and 4 adjustment points, being another good harness alternative for escapist dogs, and requiring a lower investment than the previous model. It is also an excellent option for sports dogs, who need special attention with the distribution of tension and load on their body for safety and comfort.

Its “Y” design added to the four adjustment points allows this harness to adapt perfectly to the body measurements of each dog. It is also a very versatile accessory for dog education, because thanks to the location of the two grip points (one in the form of a “V” on the spine, and another reinforced fabric loop on the chest) can be used as a harness anti pull, facilitating the task of teaching your dog to walk correctly and not pulling the leash .

Finally, it is worth mentioning that all Ruffwear harnesses are available in five sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, being able to adapt from small dogs with thoracic circumference from 33cm, to large dogs with a contour of chest from 90 to 107cm.

5. Pawtitas economic dog harness

We did not want to stop offering a cheaper alternative in our Top 10 of the best dog harnesses 2019. Therefore, we dedicate a special mention to the step-in harnesses of the Pawtitasbrand , which are designed to offer comfort and quality at more accessible market values.

Among its qualities, we can highlight the combination of polyester and cotton that is very comfortable, light and hypoallergenic for our hairy, ideal for your daily walks especially on warm days. It also incorporates reflective strips that are designed to reflect ambient light and improve visibility in schedules or regions with low availability of natural light.

In addition, they are easy to put on dogs and, despite being only available in four sizes (Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large), they have a very versatile adaptation, and can be used by both tiny dogs, such as chihuahua , as for more robust hairy, like the Labrador retriever or the golden retriever .

6. Custom Moonpet Dog Harness

Moonpet has been conquering the preference of many tutors for offering them the possibility of acquiring a personalized dog harness. The brand allows owners to add words of their choice on the strap that surrounds the chest of the dog, being able to add from the name of their furry and a contact phone (to facilitate identification if the dog goes astray), to personalize phrases to Create a unique and useful accessory for your best friends.

Beyond this novel customization, Moon pet harnesses are made of excellent quality nylon, giving rise to a lightweight, comfortable and resistant accessory. Its inner portion is made mostly of mesh fabric, which is very soft in contact with the skin and allows excellent cooling on the hottest days, and that is quite porous and breathable. In addition, it has a highly resistant stainless steel ring in the dorsal area, where the strap is hooked, being recommended for water sports and all kinds of outdoor activity.

This custom dog harness is available in six colors and five different sizes (XXS, XS, S, M, L), contemplating chest contours from 30 cm to 83 cm.

7. Harnesses for neoprene dogs Julius K9

The Julius K9 brand guarantees another highlight in our Top 10 of the best dog harnesses 2019 with this harness made of neoprene. This accessory highlights great versatility, being ideal for both walks and day-to-day workouts, and to take advantage of vacation days with your best friend .

However, its design and manufacturing materials are primarily designed to provide optimum performance and total safety in aquatic activities. In addition to being made of neoprene (the same material that is used in the manufacture of suits for surfing, wind surfing , swimming and other water sports), it has two foam pads on the back and chest, which help prevent drowning at Allow the dog to float more easily. Therefore, it is highly recommended for those hairy people who are genuinely passionate about water, or for those brachycephalic breeds that show some difficulty when swimming due to their morphological conditions.

Also, you can remove these pillows and get an excellent harness to walk every day with your dog. It should be noted that Julius K-9 only offers this accessory in two colors (black and yellow, and black and neon orange) and four different sizes (S, M, L and XL), contemplating thoracic circumferences from 44 cm to 92cm. As a “disadvantage”, we can mention that it requires a relatively high investment, but that is quickly justified by its versatility.

8. EasyDog Drive car travel harness

This safety harness of the EzyDog Drive brand is primarily designed to facilitate car trips with your best friend . To check its quality and efficiency, this accessory has been submitted and approved in the three crash tests oriented according to the main international standards and safety in private vehicles. We refer to UNECE Regulation No. 16 of Europe, FMVSS 213 of the United States and ADR69 / 00 of Australia.

All these are sufficient evidence that EzyDog Drive manufactures one of the best dog harnesses 2019, which is duly approved to be used next to the car seat belt to prevent any type of traffic accident in the city or on the roads. In addition, it is made of very resistant materials and is very simple to adjust, put on and take off from our furry, which is a great advantage during long car trips.

Of course, they can also be used for the walks and daily activities of your best friend, who will feel very comfortable in this beautiful harness that is available in three sizes: small, Medium and Large (chest circumference from 28 to 106 cm).

9. PetSafe EasySport Harness           

Pet Harfe’s “Y” dog harnesses are also among the tutors’ favorites, because of their attractive value for money and the good quality of the nylon used in their manufacture. The EasySportmodel is especially comfortable for our hairy thanks to the padding of its inner part, which also helps prevent injury or injury during the most intense physical exercises.

In addition, it stands out for adjusting very well to the body dimensions of each dog, having an elastic band in the neck area and two quick-adjustment buckles in the region of the ribs. This type of harness will also be very easy to put on and take off: you will only have to put the head of your hairy through the front of the accessory and then join its side closures located at the height of the ribs.

With a wide variety of colors and reflective edges , the PetSafe EasySport harness is produced in four sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large, with thoracic circumference from 38cm to 107cm.

10. Happilax vest dog harnesses

This vest harness type Happilax brand could not be absent from our Top 10 of the best harnesses for dogs, since they are especially comfortable for our furry and offer a very good value for money .

Its internal padding absorbs pressure in case of pulls and distributes the tension load very well in case of sports and other intense physical activities. This protective lining is made of breathable materials that are also suitable for summer, allowing the can body to cool easily and not suffer heat stroke or other complications associated with high temperatures.

As it combines a heavy-duty metal ring and a neoprene handle on the back , it can also be a good harness for escapist dogs. It should be noted that it also has four adjustable buckles on its sides, facilitating the adaptation to the body texture of each hairy. This model is already available in four sizes (S, M, L and XL), adapting to pectoral circumferences from 43cm to 106cm.

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