Best Ramen Restaurant in the World for 10 Days

Recently Hong Kong media ‘EJ Insight’ has been informed that ‘Ichiran’, a famous ramen house in Osaka, Japan, landed in Taipei, Taiwan. However, Ichiran has established a new record here that no restaurant in the world has ever seen. In 2016, Forbes, America’s leading economic magazine, has selected Ichiran as the world’s premier raymen house. In fact, if you search for ‘Osaka Restaurant’ anywhere in the domestic and overseas search portal, you can see that Ichiran is in the top spot. On the 15th, Ichiran says the line has never been broken for 10 days since landing in Taiwan. For reference, the Hong Kong branch had the longest record of 8 days. Next, I will introduce you to the world’s best ramen restaurants to eat in a row for 10 days.

Best Ramen Restaurant

  • Ichiran is open 24 hours a day and is well known in Japan for selling vending machines such as: In Korea, bags are also sold at high prices.
  • Fukuoka’s representative ramen restaurant Ichiran uses Don Kotz ramen as its main menu.
  • It is unusual for everyone to eat in a single seat, and food is served right in front of you through the blinds in front.
  • Taichung, the third overseas branch of Ichiran after Hong Kong and New York, has a total of 60 seats, and the hottest nightlife in Taipei is located in the city.
  • From June 15, when Taichung Ichiran was officially opened, the tent started to strike in front, and the line began to increase rapidly.
  • According to EJ Insight, an average of 200 people were always standing in line for 10 days, especially young people from nearby clubs and pubs rallied from 11 pm to 3 am.
  • Even from the early morning when the sun begins to rise to the crowds who want delicious ramen for breakfast, the line is rather long.
  • At present, Ichiran has about 10,800 won in a dish of Donkotsu ramen in Taiwan. For reference, it costs 13,000 won in Hong Kong and 22,000 won in New York. So, it was the 8th day in Hong Kong and 5 days in New York.

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