Betta fish: types care, feeding and breeding. Tutorial about everything

Elegant, majestic and imperial. Thus we could define this fish belonging to the family of labyrinths, which take their name due to an organ called labyrinth that allows them to breathe oxygen. The scientific name by which it is known is Betta Splendens and they inhabit freshwater. The betta fish is the product of multiple genetic variations that have resulted in different species.

Before acquiring a specimen of this species we must take into account the temperament that characterizes them since they are territorial and aggressive animals, especially males, and that we cannot lodge in our aquarium with any companion. Let us go on to detail the file of this fish!

Varieties and types of bettas fish

The different varieties and types of these fish, thanks to captive breeding, have managed to show the splendor and beauty of this animal. The crown, Cooper and dragon are the most significant and widespread among aquarium hobbyists. If you want to see the complete file of each one, click on the image.

Female Betta fish

When we buy a copy of this species we have the following question:  How to know if my betta fish is male or female?  It will be  two months later  when we notice the difference between both sexes. In young age it will be impossible to determine the sexuality of our animals.

In adulthood, although the female will be larger, it is  less bulky  than the male  because its fins are smaller .

Sometimes, we tend to get confused since once in a while the  female betta fish is in heat makes bubbles . This is usually common in males when they are building the nest for laying eggs. If this happens, you will see how the couple takes care of the setting.


How much?

They get to measure up to 6 centimeters. Although the males have greater volume due to the size of the fins the females reach a larger size.


The coloration of these animals is varied. We can find specimens of these white, pink, purple, red and black species. That is why, if we are going to raise and we aim to achieve a certain color, both the father and the mother must be of the same hue.

In this video you can see some of the specimens with spectacular colors

How much can they get to live?

In their natural habitat it is rare that they exceed 2 years of life. In  captivity  , life expectancy can be extended to  5 years.


Betta fish are carnivorous animals. In their natural habitat they feed on   insects, worms, mosquitoes, larvae and insect eggs that perch on the surface of the water. This means that we must buy food that contains meat and fish protein. When feeding our fighting fish we must take into account that the feeding is not the same as that of most standard tropical fish, which feed on prepared flakes. If you plan to put your betta fish in the same aquarium with other fish, keep in mind their feeding.

What is the best food for betta fish?  

It seems obvious advice, but the specific food for our fish is the best. To ensure that we are giving the best food to our fish we must verify that the main basis of the food is based on meat whose percentage of protein should be 40% or more.

We can also  feed our betta fish with frozen worms . This is advisable once a week.

Our pet feeds on the surface of the aquarium. We must ensure that the food is on the surface and does not sink.

How often should I feed it?

It is recommended to feed the betta fish  twice throughout the day . Once in the morning and once at night . We must leave 12 hours apart.

Many caretakers of betta fish choose every 10 to 14 days to leave a fast day. This fast day helps reduce the possibility of constipation of our fish.

How much should I feed my fighting fish?

2-3 medium-sized granules in the morning and two three granules at night should be sufficient to have a proper diet .

Be careful with supercharging your fish! This is a very common mistake among the caretakers of these types of animals since it is usually very colorful to see them eat. Overfeeding them can lead to our fish becoming obese and having serious health problems. Keep in mind that the stomach of a betta fish is not much bigger than our eye. Do not spend feeding your fish.

Sometimes, we believe that our fish is very hungry, and even the whole package of food would be eaten if we threw it whole.

Also, keep in mind that if we put too much food in the aquarium, the food discarded by our fish will contaminate the water and make the tank dirty.

What should a bettafish have in the aquarium?

  • El Tanque . First of all we will need an aquarium with a tank not less than 25 liters. This will ensure that we have a healthier and happier betta fish. It is recommended that the tank be longer than tall, although if it is the other way around, it will not be essential for you to have such a pet. In its natural habitat the betta fish lives in shallow streams.
  • Aquarium location . We must place our aquarium where there is no direct impact of sunlight. This can favor the creation of algae and the water in our aquarium darkens.
  • Filter . The filter is necessary to help keep the water clean for longer. However, betta fish do not like the current in the water of their aquarium. Therefore, a soft aquarium filter or one with an adjustable water flow is recommended. The filter will keep the water clean and free of microbes for our fish.
  • Heater . Betta fish are tropical water. The temperature of the water at which our fish should be will be or should range between 28 and 30 degrees so it is essential that we have a heater in our aquarium.
  • Add gravel substrate and plants. If you introduce gravel in the aquarium, something advisable, keep in mind that the leftovers of the food that our pet discarded will fall to it. This will cause the water in our aquarium to get dirty and full of waste. We can combat this problem using small and fine tape.
  • If we are going to use   live aquarium plants we may have to see what kind of substrate we need and what they can grow.
  • Add decorative elements . This will help create a fun home for our fish. Adding boats, anchors, vessels or figures will make our aquarium much more colorful while our fish has recesses to play and swim.

What should I avoid putting in my aquarium?

Fake plants . Almost all fake plants are made of plastic. If you buy  plastic plants make sure the leaves do not have sharp edges . The fins of betta fish are very delicate. Any sharp edge can easily tear a fin of betta fish.

Can I collect several bettas in the same aquarium?

No, especially when they are two male betta fish . You should never have more than one male fighting fish, these fish are very territorial and if you get two of the same genus, they end up fighting over the fact that they are sharing the same space.

Yes, you can have several females . Although female betta are aggressive, they are not territorial and may share space in the same aquarium.

Can I put other species in my aquarium?

You must choose very well the species that you put with your fish. Keep in mind that there are many aquarium species that are very territorial, so it will be contraindicated for all those of us who have betta fish in our tank.

The species you can choose are:

  • The neon Tetra fish
  • African dwarf frog
  • Prawns
  • The clown fish
  • Neon jewel fish

Do Betta fish have teeth?

Yes, betta fish have teeth, yes, very small and white teeth . If you want to see your teeth you will need to get very close to him and that he has his mouth open. Don’t expect teeth like a shark’s even if you get too close and put one you may not see them. If you have a magnifying glass at home put it in front of your fish and it will help you visualize them.

What do betta use their teeth for?

They use them when feeding . To chew the prepared food we supply and cut the worms or any live food before eating them. These are carnivores, in their natural habitat they feed on small insects and water larvae.

Betta fish are known as Siamese fighting fish  and their teeth have played an essential role in acquiring this reputation. Fighting fish  use those small sharp teeth to fight with other fish  and try to amputate part of their opponent’s fins. In addition, they are very territorial, especially male betas with others of the same gender. Betta fish can sometimes attack other aquarium mates of different species.

The good thing is that we don’t have to worry about the teeth of  fighting fish since they won’t be able to cause pain in the hands of human beings.

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