Seven major digital marketing trends in 2019

If you want to prepare for the best marketing strategy for 2019, take a look at seven key trends below and incorporate them into your next year’s plan. From mastering the phenomenon of personalization and micro-moments (consumer search and purchase on a smartphone at any time) to securing leads, from visualization to data analysis, to engaging with customers You will need to establish a best strategy to drive conversions that lead to

Seven major digital marketing trends in 2019

(Reference:  7 Major Digital Marketing Trends For 2019 )

Half a year has passed and most global companies are already preparing for next year’s plans. If you’re building a marketing strategy and budget plan in 2019, you’re probably choosing the most appropriate tactic for most customers, and most importantly, what strategies are driving the most efficient conversions.

If you want to prepare for the best marketing strategy for 2019, take a look at seven key trends below and incorporate them into your next year’s plan. From mastering the phenomenon of personalization and micro-moments (consumer search and purchase on a smartphone at any time) to securing leads, from visualization to data analysis, to engaging with customers You will need to establish a best strategy to drive conversions that lead to

1. Master Micro-Moments

Now, no one can deny that mobile devices are having a significant impact on customer engagement and engagement with many brands around the world. But what marketers should pay attention to now is the concept of micro-moments. This is a term derived from the popularization of smartphones. Whether it’s a long-term goal like buying a home, small purchases that simply buy essential household goods from the mall around the house, and even simple things to look for food ingredients or recipes on cell phones, a myriad of micro- I’m excited to open up my smartphone to search.

According to Google , these micro-moments are defined as touch points that are critical and appreciated as a point of contact for customers to get reliable information about their brand, regardless of time and place. In other words, consumers are always looking for products anytime, anywhere through their smartphones, so Google has announced that they need to analyze the moments and provide appropriate marketing content and advertisements.

Whenever a customer wants to know what they are doing, 96% of people take their smartphones out to find out more about them. Successful brands accurately anticipate and respond to these micro-momentum needs by providing the right information at the right moment to the most demanding customers.

It’s really useful, and you can build stronger and lasting customer trust by building content in the digital space so you can quickly access the information you need with one touch.

2. Visualization More Important Than Ever

If you look at the exciting and useful things you see in online space, including food, cute babies, popular models, dogs and cats playing, it’s all visual content. The use of visual and interactive elements delivers a more appropriate message or story, so visual content is received more strongly by audiences than any other content. As a result, audiences are more likely to express their likes, shares, and comments more positively.

In addition, recently, it has become possible to upgrade video content features on more social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc., and to make the brand more attractive.

In this situation, companies are focusing more on video content because they have more opportunities to differentiate their brands from competing brands.

In particular, mobile users are spending more time on their smartphones than ever, and the enjoyment of viewing online is also in proportion. The statistics below show that online video is growing very fast.

YouTube has more viewers over the age of 18 on TV time than any cable TV channel.

Advertisers who are doing TV advertising on PrimeTay rentals can earn 56% more for 18-40 year old viewers through YouTube ads.

Facebook has released statistics that 1.65 billion active users watch more than 800 million videos every day. This is not surprising. (April 2016 source)

Consumers are more attracted to the visual composition of the screen, so they can not help but notice the visual content. Recognizing the necessity of such image contents and creating and promoting higher quality image contents is expected to become even more important in the future.

3. Native Advertising Visibility

Native ads have become one of the most popular marketing tools as a way to gain some natural exposure to the right audience. Most users are mostly irritated and annoyed by online ads, for example, when browsing a website, ads that are not related to the whole thing pop up at any moment can be a very unpleasant experience for users.

Native ads are best if the content you want to know is usually of interest to the average person. This makes it easier for brands to market their products to people without contenting the product information naturally.

Native ads are generally naturally embedded in the content, so customers can choose to advertorial, instant content, search advertising, recommended content, or sponsored forms of native ads. listings form, paid ads that appear on your website to drive traffic to a specific landing page). The important thing here is not to force native ads into content that does not matter, but to put in the right information when visitors actually read the content.

According to data provided by Polar and BI intelligence, the CTR of premium native ads on mobile devices is four times that of traditional display ads. Native ads also have a higher engagement rate on tablets and smartphones than on desktop PCs.

4. Customized and customer-centric content

Content should still be at the heart of your marketing plan. It is also closely linked to the most important marketing objectives of providing a customized experience for each customer. But you should not miss the most important questions you should never miss.

“So how do you know if each customer’s specific requirements are being fully delivered?”

The key is moving from traditional static content to dynamically-rich content. The best way is to provide the best content with dynamic websites and smart marketing automation plans. They provide a unique experience tailored to each customer’s specific needs and preferences. Here is an example of the following scenarios:

If a new visitor visits your homepage, the message you want to talk to should be different from the message you are forwarding to your existing customer. For this new visitor, you need to deliver cool off-the-shelf snapshots and content with engaging messages to stay attracted and stay on your site. For existing customers, you may be able to prepare or withdraw individual messages based on your specific requirements based on your recent visit history or purchase history.

What is smart content?

Smart content defined by HubSpot is “intelligently content tailored to customer needs”. Macros Beyond the “uniform” level of information for a group of customers, building smart content promotes the perception of different buyers’ personalities and eventually forms communication that meets each customer’s needs and needs.

Why do I have to write a personalized message? Because it shows higher performance.

HubSpot conducted a survey that analyzed more than 93,000 CTA phrase data from the platform in the last 12 months. The result was a 42% higher performance than a general CTA phrase that was more user-direct CTA .

These results are enough to drive the brand to create and deliver customized and customer-centric messages. These changes will bring many benefits to both customers and businesses. The customer will provide exactly what they need, and with this important information, the brand will be strongly remembered, which will have a significant impact on conversion rates. Ultimately, we will build a lasting and healthy relationship with our customers.

  • 61% of customers tend to rely more on companies that create personalized and personalized content. As a result, you are more likely to choose your brand in future purchases.
  • Eighty-eight percent of content marketing professionals want to add personalization elements to their marketing plans.

The personalization of content marketing is a must when a brand tries to build relationships with its customers because the brand is personalized. Intentional drag-and-drop is the best way to reach customers.


5. Raise Influenza Team

If you have a brand-loving customer, they will be a strong foundation for branding and word-of-mouth.

So how do you turn customers into powerful influenza?

There are many ways to achieve this, but the basic roadmap is the same. You need to know what your customers really want and provide them. You can also easily increase brand loyalty by providing a solution that truly understands and solves their problems. If you want to get a strong influlux team that can help your brand proliferation and cognitive inventory, marketers must first understand the benefits of this group.

Features like Snowball Effect! As mentioned above, if customers have had a good experience with brands, they will not be bothered to promote their brands anywhere in the workplace, social gatherings, alumni gatherings, or their social media. The point here is to give your acquaintances or interested people a positive opinion or testimony about your brand. Imagine what your customers are talking about.

“Thanks to this application, I am more into music!”, “Have you ever seen such a beautifully shining bag?”

These positive messages lead to a chain reaction that affects not only your satisfied customers but also your friends, family, and other acquaintances, and this group will be more likely to use your brand and be more admirable, And this cycle continues. This is what is referred to as the snowball effect, and a small and trivial little experience of the brand will gradually lead to a loyal customer dedicated to the brand, which will have a powerful impact.

Try to get the most out of your budget. A loyalty program that transforms customers into a strong influenza is probably the least expensive of marketing budgets, but it is an indispensable way to increase brand awareness. However, in order to be effective on a limited budget, the entire process needs to be well controlled.

Of course, if you can make use of famous celebrities, artists, industry celebrities, well-known bloggers or u-tubers, it will not be difficult to move on to the next level. And the cost here and the increased brand awareness are positive enough in terms of ROI. The problem is that not every company is financially affordable to hire these famous celebrities.

Of course, they can offer products with state-of-the-art features and offer them a lot of benefits. However, if you have an infl uence that promotes our products to others, it can be called an extra boost in interacting with potential customers and responding. In addition, one of the greatest strengths of Influencer marketing is that you can hire them to suit your budget, regardless of size. In recent years, it’s been less popular than the costly celebrity selves, but actually more relevant and useful product reviews A microinflation strategy that can give information is becoming increasingly important . In addition, this is an interaction between the individual and the individual, which in turn increases the credibility. Interacting with your audience and promoting your brand will have a significant impact on brand awareness.

6. Investment in Content Developers

This means everything about naturally easy, long-lasting, unique and personalized content. So what should we do? In addition to creating original content, you must hire an experienced writer with the ability to write fluently on a variety of topics to attract many potential customers in other industries.

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