5 Tricks to succeed in the game Mr Bullet

Fashion games come and go especially in summer. But Mr. Bullet is one of those who can keep his mobile device for a few more weeks. Their mechanics are not particularly novel, but they are addictive. Calculating angles and physics when firing weapons can be complicated, but in this game it is really simple and satisfying. It’s silly, but it can be equally fun. . If you want to know how to make the most of this game, look at this trick.

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Forget the bad words

Posted by Play Dock they are usually relatively successful. They are simple and sometimes too many. The secret of the company is to have a good distribution network and a profitable support based on advertising. Generally speaking abusively, there are formulas to avoid the three levels that you need to do. Collide with the advertising for 30 seconds. It is not a fair practice for the creators and creators of games because you cannot play, but it is not fair to spend the same time in the game that Look at an ad

The formula in question is Play in airplane mode. Of course, you must enable this mode before starting the game. Once inside, you can enjoy the game without seeing ads often. Of course, you don’t have to receive messages or notifications from other applications in return. And after all, everything costs…

Do not steal data

Other Voodoo matters are to better collect more user data. That is what. Due to the latest laws on the collection of user data through Internet applications and services, you are the person who manages your information. In other words, you can prevent this data from being collected.

To do this, just proceed through the settings inside Mr Bullet and click on the privacy section. Here is your list Elements and information that grant permission if the control is active. Analysis, support and advertising problems. But the safest and most private is to disable it.

To disable this data collection, use the two buttons on the right. Then click OK and do not fear the warning message below. You can doubt and activate the previous function. Click the I understand button Make sure you don’t want to collect data. And that’s it

New game modes

Mr Bullet has a simple theme but its content is not kept in single game mode. There is a nice collection of different mini-games. . All of them are based on angular shots, puzzles to solve and many things to drill or explode.

Well, you just need patience to unlock. And the more you play and the more levels you get, the more modes you can unlock. Therefore, you must overcome placement and placement to enjoy the original mode and play in a different way. Of course, this is not the only way.

You must also return to Bullet every day. In this way and thanks system if you are rewarded, you can stop by and pick up and open special forms such as mini-games. Your reward is every day. You can switch to the new mode without having to play every day for a week.


Star for the simplest solution 3 Dog

Ockham’s razor theory can be applied to Bullet at most levels. Your puzzle is not complicated. Fact the highest score is given when the least amount of bullets are used. . To do this, you need to find the most direct angle, not the right angle.

Learn how angles work when you shoot in the opposite direction or how to get to a specific point. Or to what extent the force of the TNT box is applied. Or it can be shot from the glass wall. Also keep in mind. Sometimes you have no choice but to shoot several times. See how many stars there are at the end of the level. And if you have enough patience 3 repeat until you have a dog.

Each levels The stars 3 Receive a total of 30 pieces. Stars 2 for people, the number of tickets are 20. 10 if you exceed the level with the stars. So, to achieve a record, unlock new game modes or access more costumes, it is better to devote time to your skills and force them to overcome levels with as many stars as possible.


How to get new masks and more tickets

Are you stuck on what level or are you starting to get boring bullets? There are formulas that give the game a different feeling. Spend all purchased wallets above the Skin level or side. Of course, you can only unlock it if you exceed the level or play it every day. But there are vending machines with random attires.

Go to the costumes menu and find everything you’ve unlocked to change the look of the game hero. But if there are not enough suits, you can always see the buttons at the bottom of this section. This is where the costume vending machine is located. Of course, each roll is 500 tickets. Something to scratch your pocket. And how to get more tickets? Easy: play

And diversify the fun if you get stuck on the level or if the stars are getting smaller and fewer tickets. In other words, try different game modes that you have unlocked. You can be a real crack in one of them and get more tickets faster. Play a lot to get more tickets. But 3 the play was varied to collect 30 tickets for each level easy to beat the stars. .

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