How to take a good selfie | 7 tips model-worth knowing

How to take a good selfie Everyone takes a selfie at least occasionally, although some of us are more surreptitious than others. We all care about how to look better in the photos. And every time we take a selfie, we wonder what selfie poses are the most flattering and the least pretentious. We also know that there are situations in which it is never a good idea to take and publish a selfie. But otherwise, we are mainly concerned with finding out how to take a good selfie.

Fortunately, it is not as difficult as you think. Mere mortals like us could never seem as easy to cool as models and movie stars when they take a picture. We probably can’t get the same selfie poses that look great when you have flawless lighting (and matching looks). But you can very easily learn how to take a good selfie – especially if you are willing to have fun in the process. Keep reading to see our best tips to take yourself. We promise they will make a difference, whether you’re taking a photo to send to your closest friend or to post it for all your Instagram followers to see.

1. Choose the perfect selfie poses

 how to take a perfect selfie

Selfie poses are a very important part of taking the right photo. You cannot point the camera of your smartphone in the face and capture a great photo without thinking about things. We could give you a list of selfie poses to try, but the most promising strategy is to experiment with angles and points of view to find the poses that are the most flattering for you. Try turning the right side of your face towards the camera, and then try to the left. Check out what happens if you hold your phone a little higher or lower than usual.

Once you know what your good side is or what angles you prefer, you can find out what to do with your arms, hands and posture. You can’t go wrong by being inspired by supermodels. They often know exactly what looks good and do the same every time they take a selfie. You may want to refer to Leeann Duggan “supermodel selfie pose guide” for Refinery29. It is the perfect illustration that models not only know how to take a good selfie but they are also not afraid to do what works for them every time they hit the shutter button. Or check out the tips that Tess Holliday shared with BuzzFeed employees or the advice that Marie Claire learned from Kim Kardashian.

2. Try to keep things that seem natural

No matter your favorite selfie poses, you’ll want to keep things that seem natural. We’ve all seen people writhing in unflattering and unnatural poses to take a selfie. (And to keep the camera away from their faces.) More on that on the next page.) But if you try hard to maintain your posture or keep your phone, you’re doing something wrong. And it does not necessarily mean that you should run out and buy a selfie stick.

 how to take a good selfie

The beauty of experimenting with selfie poses is that you will probably find one or two that you like best. As you use those poses repeatedly, you will feel more familiar and natural. It is a great idea to keep things simple and to choose a pose that is comfortable and flattering, if you are sitting, standing, or even relaxing on the couch. If you feel a little silly taking a selfie, that is a sign that you are taking yourself too seriously. Focusing too much on looking your best can get in the way of taking a selfie fun.

3. Make sure your face is not too close to the camera

 how to take selfies

You can’t take a flattering selfie with your face too close to the camera – at least not if you don’t want your nose to look big or eyebrows to look strange. But few of us know why. Daniel Baker, from the University of York, writes that people incorrectly assume that selfies exaggerate specific facial features thanks to lens distortion, but it is simple geometry that is to blame. The parts of your face that are closer to the camera appear larger than the features on the rest of your face. That explains why it is his nose, not his ears, that may seem too big.


“The crazy thing about this is that it happens in real life, too, we just don’t notice it often,” Baker explains. “If you look in the mirror very close (or you approach someone with whom you are intimate), you get exactly the same distortions (closing one eye helps with this, since most people cannot keep the vergence they close) . “The result? Just don’t get too close to the camera the next time you take a selfie.

4. Look for bright lighting

 how to take selfies
how to take selfies

When you’re first figuring out how to take a good selfie, lighting doesn’t seem like the most important thing. But trust us: great lighting is as important as good selfie poses. All photographers, regardless of their subject, know that natural light is almost always the best. You should look for the type of bright light you will get by being next to a window. Another useful tip? Look directly towards the light source to avoid strange or unflattering shadows.

When you look for the right lighting to take a selfie, you should also pay attention to the background. The right fund will add interest without being too busy. Usually, the best background will be super simple or very interesting. When looking for the right place to take a selfie, choose a place with bright and flattering light. And look for a fund that offers visual interest and also communicates why you chose to take a selfie.

5. Solve selfies problems that don’t look the way you want

How to take a good selfie
How to take a good selfie

If all your selfies end up looking strange there is probably a reason, and it has nothing to do with the shape of your nose or the way you smile. Nolan Feeney reports to The Atlantic that if all of his serious eardrums look “accidentally ugly,” they should blame his brain instead of his face. Our faces are asymmetrical, so if you are using a camera application that does not reverse your selfies so that your face looks like in the mirror, it will probably seem a bit odd. Or you can get used to the way it looks when the image is not inverted or simply flip the image horizontally.

Another reason why you don’t always get the results you want when you take a selfie: You may not know how you are. Listen to us. The image you have in your mind is often not a perfect match for your real face. In fact, most of us think we are more attractive than we really are. Sounds like a bummer, but it’s quite normal. And once you learn to take a good selfie, you probably won’t even notice that effect anymore.

6. Make your photos look good – just don’t add many filters

Whether you’re looking at the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, there are a virtually infinite number of applications that can make your Instagram photos look great. You can download applications that offer excellent color filters or choose one that helps you create great black and white photos. Alternatively, you can choose a versatile editing application, or choose one that is designed to make your selfies look perfect.

Whichever application you choose, we have an important tip: Do not add too many filters. Even if you are comparing filters built on Instagram, you have a lot of options. (We suggest the InStyle guide to the best filters for every beauty complaint for anyone who feels overwhelmed.) There is nothing wrong with making some light modifications to your photo or adding a filter. Just don’t accumulate on every filter that is available. You still want the photo to look at least a bit natural.

7. Continue taking selfies

How to take a good selfie
How to take a good selfie

Even if you learn everything there is to know about how to take a good selfie, you cannot get a perfect photo every time. It’s okay. There is a fairly easy solution: Just take more selfies. People who routinely photograph themselves end up being more comfortable with the way they look in the photos. They also gradually learn to make their photos turn out the way they want.

As you get more used to seeing the photos you have taken of yourself, you will probably find that they look more natural over time. You will feel more comfortable with the way you look in those photos, and you will probably find it easier to have fun when you take a photo. If that is not the point of taking a selfie, then we do not know what it is. Have fun and be yourself. That is always better than doing something cliché just to feel that you are part of a trend.



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