Intel withdraws 67 Core, Pentium and Celeron processors, does Comet Lake-S arrive?

This morning we reported that Intel plans to withdraw in just a few months one of its most complete processors to date as were the Kaby Lake-G , which carried Intel CPU and iGPU AMD . Now, Intel reports that it will go further and withdraw 67 more processors from the market, which includes the Kaby Lake-S series and many of the Skylake-S , does Comet Lake-S arrive ?

Almost 50 “In Box” and 20 models without a heatsink will be removed shortly

Intel is doing a clean processor as we have not remembered for a long time. And it is that it will withdraw at one time up to 67 models that have been key for the company over the last years in the desktop market.

These withdrawals encompass the entire Kaby Lake-S series and, interestingly, part of Skylake-S , where for some reason some processors will continue to be sold.

It should be remembered that Kaby Lake-S arrived precisely to replace Skylake-S within what is commonly known as the 6000 and 7000 series of processors . Therefore, it is surprising that Kaby Lake-S arrives later and withdraws from the market earlier, a paradox for the moment without explanation from the company.

You can not understand this movement from the point of view of performance, since the first came as a renewed version of the second at 14 nm , but with more frequency base and Boost, some improvements in its iGPU UHD and especially a better BMI than Boosted the speed of RAM.

Therefore, it is difficult to explain how it is possible that the Intel Core i7-7700K will no longer be available, but instead the i7-6700K will continue for sale for some more time.

In any case and seeing the order of Intel, the 67 processors will be on request until April 24, 2020 , with Intel being the last delivery date on October 9 of the same year.

The withdrawal of so many processor models suggests the arrival of Comet Lake-S


It is not very normal a withdrawal so large and with such “few” months away from Intel, but the truth is that, from the point of view of the product, we talk about processors that are between two and three years old and They are being widely surpassed by their direct rivals in AMD.

Therefore, it is understood that his time in the market is over, but at the same time it is impossible not to think that such withdrawal is forced by the more than presumable arrival of Comet Lake-S at the desk, which would relegate Coffee Lake-S to the background and renew the entire range of Intel processors , where both architectures would be much more competitive against Zen 2 than just leaving one and waiting for Ice Lake-S.


Although many rumors place Comet Lake-S at the beginning of the year , others place it before the end of 2019, but after the different problems of supplying Intel the first option is gaining strength as time passes.

In any case, this new architecture is expected to arrive with 10 cores as a key piece to compete with AMD in the gaming sector, but if Intel takes too long to launch Comet Lake-S, it may end up competing with Zen 3.

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