Interesting facts about elephants

facts about elephans These mammals can spend 16 hours just to eat and eat an average of 220 kg of food per day. It’s no surprise to think that they go out 7t.

Although elephants are huge animals, they look gentle and do not try to scare people. Most people are very popular because they know that these animals are mild and accessible. Keep reading for some interesting facts about elephants.

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Some interesting facts about elephants

Elephant’s ear

Did you know that elephants use their ears to control body temperature? Despite its immense size, metabolism is quite slow, especially in hot climates, making it difficult for elephants to stay cool. So use your ears to stay cool.


African elephants also use their ears when they threaten their opponents. They are larger than other species of elephants and can easily move their ears to scare potential predators away.


Unique elephant ear

Elephant ears are unique to each elephant. No elephant will have the same ears. Like people have fingerprints, they have different patterns on their ears.


Elephants always flock

You will never see an elephant living alone. They live in groups, walk, migrate, and eat. In fact, when elephants are babies, the herd surrounds them in a way to protect their baby elephants. When the mother dies, another group is ready to take care of them.


Elephants stand and sleep

An adult elephant sleeps standing up. This is a way to protect themselves from predators. If you lie down to sleep, trying to get yourself up on the ground can hurt you. However, when elephants sleep, they are always surrounded by mature elephants.


Elephant bathes in the mud

You may have seen many walks, photos, and descriptions of elephants bathing in rivers and lakes, but elephants often bathe in mud. It’s cooler and helps to get rid of parasites.


Elephant weight

African elephants are known as the largest pachyderm and can weigh up to 7 tonnes. Can you imagine encountering one of the elephants? There is even an elephant known to weigh 11 tons.



When male elephants turn 12, they leave the herd. This means that there are only females and cubs in elephant herds. Males can fight to occupy females in pairs of two or three.


An endless meal

If you were surprised to learn that koalas spend 22 hours sleeping, how would you feel if you know that elephants spend 16 hours eating? The mother elephant doesn’t have to tell her to “eat all the vegetables to grow big and strong.” In fact, it is estimated that elephants can eat an average of 220 kg of food per day!

Sound of elephant

No, elephants are not dumb. They make a cry.


Elephant’s nose

You probably already know that the main use of elephant noses is to drink water. But elephant noses are actually much more useful than that. Elephants use their noses to scratch their eyes, ears, and grab and throw objects.


Dwarf elephant

People say that animals have evolved constantly. We don’t know if that’s true or not, but dating back to prehistoric times, there is evidence of a pig-sized elephant species .


life span

Elephants can live up to 70 years old, but the oldest elephant ever recorded was 82.



Elephants continue their gestation for 22 months, the longest of all animals on earth!



Many people will wonder what elephants eat. Their diet is based on grass and bark.


Hopefully, after reading these interesting and amazing facts about elephants interesting and amazing facts about elephants, I hope you will like these amazing animals even more.

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