17 amazing things about the International Space Station (ISS)

What does the International Space Station (ISS) look like? It is also the largest and most expensive instrument built for mankind in space in human history. Beginning (November 20, 1998) Almost 20 years old, but still supporting the astronauts with their state-of-the-art technology and performance, from sleeping quarters to performing many missions. How much do ordinary people like me know about this international space station, which you probably will not see in your eyes for life? Here are 17 amazing and interesting facts about ISS.

1. It took 136 flights to complete the ISS.

Since 1998, the International Space Station has been built with seven types of space shuttles, totaling 136 flights, 1,000 hours of work time and 159 outboard activities.

2. It gets virus like regular notebook.

ISS turned Windows XP before switching all computer operating systems to Linux. In 2008, Russian astronauts brought the virus-infected USB to the international space station, spreading viruses to all the computers inside, and even infecting terrestrial computers connected to Earth. NASA has admitted that there was a similar situation in the past. In 2013, they were infected with the Stuxnet virus, which turned out to be the work of Russian astronauts.

3. The most expensive projects made by humans

With the exception of projects that have been made in series for many years, such as the F-35 fighter jets, ISS is the most expensive project created by humans, at a cost of $ 150 billion (about 180,750 billion won) I did it.

4. The largest laboratory in the universe

The ISS is the ideal place for astronauts to perform daily weightlessness tests that they could not do on Earth. Scott Kelly, who recently returned to Earth, said that she had done a lot of experiments such as turning off mice, amber farming, and growing ants.

5. I can go back to the moon after a day.

In fact, ISS can not fly directly because it is a station. However, considering the speed of the earth (7,560,000 km / h), it can be seen to be within 24 hours of the moon.

6. Russian astronauts do not drink recycled urine.

Because it is difficult to transport heavy drinking water to the space station, a recycled urine device is installed to take care of the water of the pilots. In fact, not only urine, water from the mouth, water used in the shower, sweat, etc. are all sent by filter and delivered in drinking water. But Russian astronauts say they refuse the water, according to US astronauts, which says that the recycled water does not taste the same as bottled water.

7. Wires over 13 kilometers

If you connect all the wires that are responsible for electricity inside the ISS, you will be able to go from Gangnam Station to Gwanghwamun in Seoul.

8. Space Kimchi developed by investing over 1 billion won

In 2008, Korea ‘s first astronaut Lee So – yeon made an investment in Kimchi in the international space station, so it took 6 months to invest in Kimchi, which was invested more than 1 billion won (national tax …). Unfortunately, we do not know much about this.

9. ISS smells of poisonous one inside.

Most astronauts who go to the ISS say that the “smell of iron” is strong.

10. Coffee made in space in 2015

It is very difficult to boil water under zero gravity. But in 2015, Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, for the first time in human history, drank fresh coffee from space.

11. ISS has a huge collection of computers

The International Space Station has 5 million lines of software code connecting 52 computers and the ground. There are more than 400,000 kinds of signals to and from the United States in the world. In the case of Space Shuttle, I received less than 1/20 of the signal.

12. The ISS is a football stadium.

ISS is about 109 meters when you look at the opposite end from one end of each wing. The size of the football stadium is 110 meters. ISS weighs about 453 tons, which is much lighter than expected.

13. A more luxurious living space than I thought

The ISS is more luxurious than a decent mansion. There are six large bedrooms, two toilets, a full size gym, and a round window with a 360 degree view. To maintain a healthy body in a weightless state, it is necessary to use a scientifically designed gym.

14. You can download the ISS tracking app.

Looking at the sky in clear weather, the moon and Venus next to the International Space Station is the third brightest star. But it is hard to find with the naked eye. Recently, NASA has released an application called “Spot the Station”, which features smartphone users’ ability to send text each time ISS moves.

15. ISS is recycled after shutdown.

Originally, the ISS decided to suspend operations at the end of 2016, and President Obama approved the extension by 2020. When you really retire in 2020, the existing modules and equipment of the ISS will be used again to build the next Russian space station, and some will be sent to the moon. But most of the remaining parts are likely to flow into the sea.

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