Where can I find policy number on an insurance card

Where can I find my insurance policy number?

The policy number on an insurance card simply designates the insurance contract that you subscribe to insure yourself. Each of us has several assurances, whether to secure us or because they are mandatory: housing, loan, mutual health, car/motorcycle. All are identified by a unique number. But what exactly is it? Where to find it? And what is an insurance policy precisely? Our answers.

What is an insurance policy?

Definition of the insurance policy

An insurance policy is an undertaking between two parties: an insurer and an insured, where the insurer undertakes to cover the insured against specified risks in exchange for insurance premiums. The insurance policy is another term for an insurance contract, more used in everyday language. The insurance company and it’s insured must both sign the insurance policy and carefully keep a copy. Indeed, this official document contains all the conditions of the insurance taken out: guarantees, obligations, deadlines for cancellation, rates of contributions and other terms.

The insurance policy concerns everyone because some insurance is now mandatory: you have yourself a liability, health insurance, home insurance if you are a tenant of a property, insurance 10-year guarantee if you have your house built, car insurance if you have a car …

Many other insurance policies are flourishing on the market, for example, travel, death, education, unpaid rents, legal protection, etc. At the same time, professional insurance has been introduced to protect the professions, medicine, law or construction, among others. Some of these optional insurance benefits are essential, depending on your situation. For example, we strongly advise you to take out a home insurance policy, whether you are a tenant or owner.

An integral part of our life and therefore of our budget, it is essential to take your time in the choice of your insurance policies. Do not hesitate to compare the different offers! policy number on an insurance card

For this, instead of moving to an agency of each insurance company that may be suitable for you, you can use our online comparator. It offers you the best offers for your request, free of charge and without having to fill in your details.


What is the insurance policy number?

Every insurance contract has a unique number: the insurance policy number. This is a code given to your contract. You can be brought to your children’s school, on holiday, during a friendly report, to your lending bank, etc. In case you have several insurance policies in the same company because many homes or vehicles to insure, it is also a quick way to identify them for your insurer and you.

Professional insurance, such as the ten-year guarantee, professional liability, legal protection (…) also have an insurance policy number.

How to find his insurance policy number?

In general, you can find your insurance policy number at these different locations:

  • On your initial contract, you will find it in several places.
  • On your insurance certificate. You will receive the certificate of insurance by mail, or you can download it online, most often in the customer area (it depends on the insurance company).
  • On your notice of maturity, which you receive each year from your insurer, between 3 months and 2 weeks before the due date.
  • On your green card, if it is car insurance. The green card is the insurance certificate issued by your insurer, to present in case of control. It contains your insurance policy number, as well as information related to the vehicle concerned, the insurer and the insured, among others.
  • On any correspondence with the company: when it gives you a reply by mail to a request that you have made, or it simply sends you information, the police number is systematically mentioned at the top of the mail.

If you have not found it in any of these documents, you can always contact your insurer for information. The insurance policy number and the contact number are the same. If you do not find it, be careful to look at both terms. You can see on the insurance certificate below where the policy number is. It is very often specified at the beginning of the letter as here:


Where can I find the Civil Liability policy number?

Civil Liability covers the financial consequences of material and immaterial damage caused unintentionally to third parties. You are responsible for the damage done to you, but also those of your children, your house or apartment, your pets, your domestic workers … This is the 1st mandatory guarantee for all. It may be requested by your child’s school, for example.

Very often, you do not buy a full liability insurance policy: it is included in many other compulsory insurance contracts. : home, car, motorcycle … The number of police that you will communicate is that of the insurance in question. You can find it in your online space, on your due notice, your initial contract, your insurance certificate, on your green card (for car/motorcycle insurance), and most other matches with your car. insurer.

If you do not have any of these insurances, the insurance law imposes it, you need to take out private liability insurance. 

Where to find the travel insurance policy number?

If you purchase travel insurance from a tour operator or an insurance company, your policy number will be written on your letters, certificate (etc.), as for most other insurance policies. When travel insurance is contracted at the time of purchase of airline tickets, you will find your contract number in the confirmation email received after the transaction, at the same time as your tickets (or soon thereafter).

In general, airlines offer their insurance: they are not insurers, they surround themselves with partners to create various forms of insurance adapted to their customers and specificities. This is for example the case of Air France, which works with Allianz Travel – Mondial Assistance, or Ryanair with its partner Europ Assistance SA.

policy number on an insurance card

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