14 Best Popup Plugins for WordPress 2019

Marketing strategies and skills are beginning to run out. Especially for customers who do not actually have the budget to invest in promotions. Bloggers are by and large hit because bloggers are basically a field that requires tremendous labor and dedication to bringing results. Search engine marketing is certainly one of the most popular ways to promote your content, but sometimes it’s not all about content.

Bloggers have expanded their blogs to provide a category that can be sold internally by including eBooks, books, video courses, and even real items that reflect the type of community in the building. And one of the most successful ways to market both internally and externally is pop-up marketing. Pop-up marketing can also collect performance, as well as show transactions, suggestions, content, promotions, subscription models, etc. within a single pop-up that can be configured to be displayed to a webmaster on a specific page, specific location and / or time; It depends on the type of pop-up plug-in you are using.

Every webmaster, blogger, startup owner, and entrepreneur who wants to be promoted to each visitor who visits their website highly recommends how they can investigate pop-up marketing and sell some of their network directly. We offer a variety of unique features and have already brought together thousands of WordPress bloggers with the best WordPress pop-up plug-ins installed by thousands of users. In the Comments section, please freely recommend your favorite pop-up plug-ins. Then you need to include your favorites in the list.

Popup Builder

Popup Builder is a popup plugin for WordPress websites that allows you to add highly customizable popup windows. This plugin uses short code to enable cool popups on WordPress websites. You can add unlimited popups to your own configuration. We’ve added an effective settings panel for each pop-up. So, you can completely customize the pop-up theme, color, size and many other options. You can expect features such as Facebook popups, custom image popups, and HTML code popups. This popup responds by default and works on all devices simultaneously.

Popup Maker

Sometimes developers will make extra money to provide extra plug-ins. Popup Maker for WordPress is one of the plugins. If it is important to increase the number of users who are enrolled in your email list, you can learn more about this plug-in by taking the product’s user engagement and conversion rate into consideration. Popup Maker is the most versatile and easy to use pop-up, modal, and content overlay plug-in available. With a variety of custom settings, you can create any type of overlay you can imagine. As the extension library grows, it can become more powerful. Create slideouts for related content, banner reminders, opt-in or contact forms, special ads, and more. There are no customizability or creativity limitations here.


PopupAlly was created to provide basic support for exit intent. This means that whenever someone leaves your site, you will be greeted with a custom popup using the PopupAlly’s Settings panel.This can greatly increase the number of people participating in the pop-up. Visual pop-up creators can create pop-ups of the kind you see on the most famous sites and save time along the way. No coding experience is required.


As the name suggests, MailOptin is a fantastic, new and advanced WordPress pop-up plug-in that helps you create mailing lists and bring your email campaigns to a whole new level. It does not always happen that a visitor turns into a customer. Sometimes, you need to provide additional nutrition via email before it is time to make a purchase decision. Whether you’re running a service-based business, a successful online store, or even a thriving blog, it’s important to capture email.

What is really solid? MailOptin has opened for you with various features and options. You can test a whole lot of different things to see what works best with your audience. MailOptin is incredibly simple to use with tools that need to ruin everything in e-mail marketing games. Begin your journey by integrating a newsletter subscription box on your website at the same time you start your site, without leaving all the money on the table. Upgrade your business to the next level with MailOptin.

Yeloni Exit Popup

Yeloni’s mission is very simple. This is intended to provide bloggers with a pop-up plug-in that will use the latest exit intent technology. This simple plug-in is for people who want to use a visitor to leave the site. The plug-in does not offer much more options than that. Using Yeloni’s intentional pop-ups, you can easily add various end pop-ups including social buttons, image offers, email signup forms, mailchimp, aweber & infusionsoft integration.

UJI Popup

Uji focuses on helping webmasters and bloggers turn each visitor into a subscriber and / or customer. You can use Uji to advertise your promotions, display your e-mail signup form, provide coupon codes and special offers. When a visitor tries to leave your site, the plugin displays your offer (pop-up). You can do this using the built-in exit intent technique. It offers highly lightweight pop-up options that are highly customizable and work well in most WordPress themes.

OptinMonster Best WordPress Popup and Lead Generation Plug-in

OptinMonster has been a huge success in the online marketing community. OptinMonster’s WordPress pop-up plug-in is no exception to that statement. OptinMonster’s popup editor is based on a form builder that allows you to create popups of the kind that your website needs.OptinMonster uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology to help customers create one of their friendly pop-ups. This will naturally attract visitors. Book sellers, venture companies, and even huge media sites have started using OptinMonster. This is due to the variety of features and customization techniques that make the most of pop-up marketing.

WP Post Popup

WP Post Popup takes a completely different approach while you typically see popups in the form of forms, coupons, and so on. This tool – hence the name – replaces all posts and pages with popups. Easy as that! Readers no longer have to wait for a new page to open. Enjoy your content without leaving the current page. When they are finished reading, they can close the pop-up and continue to browse the website.

Some additional features of the WP Post Popup allow you to load an external page as a pop-up and display only the page section of the pop-up, giving you the opportunity to customize the pop-up link. WP post pop-ups are one of the additions to the website that can make a huge difference if it violates the norm.

Popups – WordPress Popup

When you have the right tools, making pop-ups becomes a piece of cake. Thanks to Popups, you can do many things without having to be tech savvy. You can use add-ons for various purposes, such as subscription newsletters, cookie notifications, and social media, and you can simply display important news. Popups are also compatible with the main parts of the most notable plug-ins. MailChimp , Ninja Forms, Jetpack, Mailpoet and Contact Form 7.

With pop-ups, you can choose from five different pop-up positions. You can show pop-ups only on members or sites, filter users, and show pop-ups only on specific posts and pages. You can also set the time (after a few days) to show pop-ups again. Also, customize and adjust the pop-up style to match your branding rules exactly.

Popup Maker

With Popup Maker, you can pop up a lot of stuff on the web platform. First of all, this tool is easy to use and irritated. Popup Maker works with videos, email forms, images, contacts, social and age-restricted popups. With Popup Maker, you can create as many creatives as you like, even against standards. For example, you can mix multiple solutions and mix them into one powerful pop-up.

With the fantastic Popup Maker, you can create and manage thousands of pop-ups without confusion. There is no practical limit to how many people you want to make. Simply put, as many as you want. Also, great animation, support Google Maps Paypal redirects users to another page if necessary and sends notifications when opt-in form submission. Use Popup Maker to make your website look great with pop-ups.

Popups, Welcome Bar, Icegram

Icegram is a versatile WordPress popup plugin with lots of true features. It’s also a simple tool for beginners, yet powerful tool for professionals. In fact, anyone can enjoy all the benefits that come with Icegram. This means that you do not need any coding knowledge to set up and enable Icegram popups on your website. Icegram also basically does not have to worry about responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility.

With Icegram, you can increase your newsletter subscription, convert visitors to buyers, and direct you to a specific page with a call-to-action button. Icegram has a variety of pop-up styles to choose from: header and footer bars, toast notifications, slide-in messages, and eight different pop-up styles. Of course, you can track performance and statistics for each pop-up for further optimization. Style as you want and use Icegram to add a new pop-up to your page or blog.

Alligator Popup

Crocodile Popup Plugin is a plugin for users who want a popup plugin that works only with short code. In other words, you can customize each page to have different pop-ups. You can also set pop-ups on individual pages instead of pop-ups everywhere. Settings allow you to customize width, height, and whether to use scrollbars. Currently, plugins only allow insertion of URLs. You should probably include the HTML code of the pop-up type you want to display in the URL you are typing. This allows you to code custom high-quality pages using the latest web technologies. Alligator Codes You can use them as pop-ups via the Short Codes feature.

Simple Popup Plugin

 Do you need a simple pop-up to integrate your favorite e-mail subscription service, and should you also have the option to display the social sharing button in the pop-up? This is one plug-in that you want to get because of its simplicity. There are no additional features this plugin can do. So it is very attractive for sites that focus on minimalism and strict content.

Exit Intent Popups

By default, an e-commerce site should display an End Intent Technique pop-up whenever a user leaves the site. OptiMonk provides a plug-in that allows customers to generate pop-up suggestions as soon as they exit the site. We all know how much trouble a cart situation can be. This adds the ability to customize pop-ups on specific pages, such as carts. You can send a special event or a coupon code pop-up whenever you leave the site. In addition to these features, OptiMonk offers many customization options. You can also provide GEO targeting, A / B testing, multi-page pop-ups, and more.

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