SHORT-DOG SMALL DOG ​​BREEDS: Breeds of small dogs with short hair. Dogs can be classified in many ways, according to their breed, according to their size and also according to the type of task for which they were developed. For example, there are working dogs, companion dogs or hunting dogs. But another type of classification of dogs is according to their hairor length of their coat. Today at PetDarling we will know the Top 9 of small dog breeds with short hair, with images!


It is estimated that there are more than 400 breeds of dogs worldwide, in fact in the West we do not know all the breeds of the planet, much less! So trying to cover all breeds of short-haired dogs in a single post would be impossible. What we can do is see a few examples of small dog breeds with short hair, and of course, we will show you the most popular and beloved ones.

Before opting for a breed of short-haired dogs, you should know one thing. Having short hair is not synonymous with a dog hair does not release, as there breeds of dogs that shed a lot of hair despite t ener short hair. If you are interested in this topic or you are looking for a dog that, in addition to having short hair, does not release much hair, you can check here, by clicking on the following link, which are the breeds of dogs that do not loose hair .

Having a small breed puppy like these, (or a mongrel of this style) has many advantages . These dogs are super affectionate and affectionate, they fit anywhere because they don’t need so much space for them, and also, because of their small size, they don’t require a lot of daily food. This is an important point, since it allows us to save a lot on the maintenance of our dog. So if you don’t want or can’t spend a fortune on dog food every month, these sizes are ideal for you.

Another great advantage of short-haired dogs is that the maintenance of their fur is minimal. It will be enough to bathe them from time to time, because the short hair gets very dirty by not dragging on the floor, and if you have time, you can also give them an occasional brushing. In contrast, long-haired dogs need more care to keep their coat in good condition, such as brushing their hair frequently to avoid knots, or having to take them to the dog grooming regularly to trim their hair. Without further delay, we begin with the list. Attentive!

Top 9 Breeds of small dogs with short hair:

1. Chihuahua, the smallest of all short-haired dog breeds 

The Chihuahua or Chihuahua is originally from Mexico , and is considered the smallest dog in the world, since they only weigh between 1.5 and 3 kilos . There are two varieties of chihuahua dogs , those with short hair, which are the best known, but there are also other long-haired chihuahuas. If you want to know everything about this breed (origin, character and care, click on the link above).


2. Miniature Pinscher

The miniature version of the pinscher, only weighs 4 or 5 kilos . It is a puppy of German origin, with a thin and light body, whose fur resembles that of its relative the Doberman , but obviously, in a very small version. All information on the pinscher dog file .


3. Carlino or pug dog with short and brachycephalic breed:

The pug carlino  is a small, docile dog with adorable flattened morritos. Their origin is lost in time, since these dogs come from China , and were raised in the imperial court . Living with a pug means that you will never get bored again, for all the occurrences that these funny characters have!


4. Jack Russell Terrier:

The Jack Russell is a small dog with short hair, strong personality, brave and funny! Following appearing in movies and television commercials these short-legged terriers are super popular! You can see more images of these dogs and learn more about the Jack Russel terrier , how it behaves and what its characteristics and care are.


5. Boston Terrier

The Boston terrier is also called “the American gentleman,” because his fur is reminiscent of a men’s dress suit, and his character is sweet and affectionate. These dogs emerged from the French bull dog, crossed with some terrier dogs. It is for this reason that their appearance reminiscent of the French bull dog, especially on your face, but Boston has the skinny body, and his legs are much thinner and elongated .


6. Dachshund or miniature dachshund:

The dachshund sometimes called “dachshund” is a small breed, weighing 4 to 5 kilos . It exists in 3 varieties according to the length of their hair, and one of them is the short-haired dachshund:


7. French Bulldog a super popular short hair breed:

The French bulldog breed is small size, face chatita and super funny! French bulldogs hardly require any care related to their fur, and an occasional brushing and bathing will usually suffice from time to time to keep this dog’s hair tidy. Of course, do not exercise them in excess, even in the hottest hours of the day and avoid being overweight, since being brachycephalic  dogs   with very flat snouts, some specimens may require specific attention.


 8. Short-haired miniature bull terrier:

The miniature bullterrier and the standard bullterrier, are short-haired dog breeds and very easy to maintain with occasional brushing. However, some bullterrier have a tendency to skin allergies that may need veterinary treatment, especially white bullterrier .


9. The Beagle is a short-haired and medium-small dog:

Among the characteristics of the beagle dog is its extremely docile and loving character. The bad thing about his short hair, is that the beagle is one of the dogs that loose the most hair, in relation to its size, of course.


Other medium and large short-haired dog breeds:

In addition to the small short-haired puppies that we have shown, there are other dogs that also have short hair, but are larger. Some of the most popular are:

1. English Bulldog is a breed of short-haired dog:

The English bulldog is one of the most beloved and popular short-haired dog breeds worldwide. They are quite “lazy” and are not the most athletic dogs in the world, but they have a great personality.


2. Labrador is a short-haired dog with double layer of hair:

The  labrador retriever dog is a good-natured ideal for family living and even better in a garden house or near the countryside. This dog loves to walk, be involved in family activities and is super affectionate. Not surprisingly this is the most popular dog breed on the entire planet!


3. Boxer short-haired dog breed

The boxer dogs originated from crosses of German mastiffs and English bulldogs. The boxers weigh between 25 and 32 kilos, they are active and playful dogs. They are short-haired dogs , and their mantle appears in several colors, usually sand with black, reddish, tabby or bi-colored mask with white 


4. American PitBull Terrier

The   APBT is a medium-sized dog with short hair , of great physical strength and courage. He is a self-confident, active, and protective dog of his family. You can read more about the origin and characteristics of the American pit bull terrier breed  .


5. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The   SBT also called ” staffy” are dogs with short and medium-sized hair , weighing about 15 kilos. Despite this, they possess enormous strength. You can read more about them in Staffordshire Bull Terrier .


6. Rottweiler:

The rottweiler dogs are originally from Germany. Formerly they were the butchers’ dog, and cattle dogs. They are strong, muscular dogs that need walks and daily exercise. They are not dogs suitable for anyone since they need space and a firm and serene education , but with the right owner they can be one of the most loyal family dogs that exist!

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