Telegram update brings silent messages, slow mode, administrator titles

Another month, another Telegram update to make it a messaging application worth having. As with recent and past updates, there is nothing important with this, but there are several more interesting ones that add up to make this messaging application much better than its competitors in the market. This time, you get new features such as silent messages so as not to disturb the recipients, slow mode for those groups that go too fast, administrator titles to customize your groups and other smaller functions.

Telegram Message Update

If you have a message that must be sent at that time but you do not want to disturb your recipient or recipients, you can now send a silent message. You will still receive a notification, but there will be no audible alerts even if your phone is not in silent mode or does not bother you. All you have to do is press and hold the Send button and then touch the “send without sound” button and it will do what your name says.

Telegram Group Update

If you belong to a Telegram group that is quite active but can sometimes be difficult to follow, administrators now have the option of activating a Slow Mode switch in the Group Permissions section. You can choose the interval that will determine how long you can send another message. The options are 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and one hour. In this way, conversations can become a bit more orderly and you will have time to assimilate each message.

Telegram Administrator Update

Now you can also customize the administrator titles in your Telegram group so that people can learn about the different functions of each of the group administrators. It can be formal if you prefer or as crazy as Queen Bee, Meme Lord, Bouncer or whatever name you prefer. If you send videos in the message, including YouTube videos, you can now indicate a timestamp in the video title to highlight which part of the video you are referring to or want to see in particular.

Telegram Animated Stickers Update

There are other smaller features in the update, such as animated emojis to combine with your animated stickers, the application of the new Android attachment menu, the accent colors for night mode (iOS only for now) and a comment widget. Update your Telegram application to the latest version to enjoy all these new things.

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