The 17 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds all over the World

Beautiful Horse Breeds The horse is a domesticated periodactyl mammal of the equidae family. It is a solipedal herbivore of great size, long and arched neck, populated by long mane.

17 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds

Beautiful Horse Breeds

The female of the horse is called mare and the young, foals or foals if they are male, and colts or filly if they are female. The breeding and use of the horse by man, is known as equine or horse breeding, and its domestication dates back to about 3,600 years a. C., in the region of Kazakhstan.

The Latin term used to name the horse was equus, while caballus, which derived from the word ‘horse’, is a late Latin term, possibly of Celtic origin, meaning ‘castrated horse’.

There are currently about 350 or 400 breeds of horses recognized throughout the World.

1. Friesian

Beautiful Horse Breeds
Beautiful Horse Breeds

The Friesian (also called Friesian or Friesian) is a breed of horse from the Friesland region of the Netherlands.

The tail and neck mane are very thick and abundant, sometimes they may or may not be both braided or somewhat wavy. From the head, we can say that it is quite long and is provided with small ears, which are always upright and elegant, characteristic of their great docility and excellent temperament. As for the character, they are very calm and have a lot of presence, so they make it a perfect animal for shooting (see draft horse).

2. Akhal-Teke horse

The Akhal-Teke horse is a breed of horse related to the extinct Turkoman horse currently bred in Russia and Turkmenistan.
The Akhal-Teke denomination derives from a geographical area, Akhal, and a Turkmen ethnic group, the Teke.

The Akhal-Teke is a slender horse with an approximate height of 1.60 m in males and 1.55 m in mares. The general appearance shows an animal of elongated lines with a long and thin neck, sometimes in the form of an S, associated with a haughty port of the head.

The skin is very thin and the fur is silky. The tail and the mane are rather scarce and the bangs are almost absent.

The Akhal-Teke breed is suitable for almost all equestrian disciplines, especially endurance races and the complete riding competition. He has also demonstrated good aptitude in High School.

3. Percheron horse

The percherón horse is an equine race that originated in the province of Le Perche, near Normandy, in France. It is widely believed that the Arabian horse played an important role in the development of the percheron. In the crusades, Caste de Percherón, was widely recognized as excellent for its strength and integrity, as well as for its characteristic beauty and style. By the seventeenth century the horses produced in Le Perche, France had an extended notoriety.

In 1823, a horse named Jean le Blanc crossed a mare in Le Perche and all the descendants of Percheron go back directly to this horse.

Percherons were first exported to the United States in 1839, by Edward Harris of Moorestown, New Jersey. They did the stallions, Normandy and Louis Napoleon, to Ohio in 1851. Louis Napoleon was later sold in Illinois and remained in the hands of the Dillon family that formed the Percheron Association.

4. Trakehner horses

Beautiful Horse Breeds
Beautiful Horse Breeds

Race that comes from ancient East Prussia. Initially developed by Frederick I of Prussia as a military race, from the Second World War it would begin to be raised mainly in the western provinces of Germany. Currently, we can find it in America, New Zealand and much of Europe.

The Current Trakehner: Today, it is raised all over the world and there are associations for the promotion and breeding of the breed in most countries, reflecting its enormous popularity. The main origins book is controlled by the Trakehner association in Nuemunster, Germany.

5. Haflinger or Avelignese horses

The Haflinger or Avelignese breed is a breed of horses developed in the late 19th century in Austria and Italy. Beautiful Horse Breeds

It is a small and robust horse very adapted to march through the mountain.

The height can vary between 137 cm and 152 cm. The fur is always palomino. The hue of the coat can be from relatively clear to darker shades. Some Haflinger show the characteristic or pattern pangas (belly of a lighter hue than the body).
All Haflinger come from the stallion Folie who was the founder of the current breed. There are seven genealogical lines based on seven seedlings descendants of Folie (born 1874).
The origins of the current race are remote. The nineteenth century was greatly influenced by the Arab stallion El-Bédavo, father of Folie.

6. Rocky Mountain horses

Beautiful Horse Breeds
Beautiful Horse Breeds

The Rocky Mountain Horse is a breed of horse of the Rocky Mountains of the United States of light colors like chocolate. Around the turn of the 20th century, a young horse that will soon be called a Rocky Mountain horse, appeared in eastern Kentucky that resulted in a line of horses appreciated in North America and Europe. On Sam Tuttle’s farm in Spout Springs Kentucky, there was a horse “Old Tobe.” Although Old Tobe was a stallion, he led the runners without hesitation. He fathered many good horses until the age of 37, and many of the Rocky Mountain horses present carry their bloodline. Beautiful Horse Breeds

7. Tinker horse

Tinker horses have their origin in Ireland. From there they are now, and have been since long ago, tireless companions of the gypsy communities of this country. What’s more, its name in English means gypsy.
These horses, thanks to their traits of docility and strength, have been used throughout history as horses for pulling cars or also for riding. In addition, they have positioned themselves as one of the best breeds of horses to travel long distances carrying heavy loads.

Within the characteristics of these beautiful horses, we find their strong and well-proportioned bodies of musculature. In addition to this, these horses are of special beauty because of the abundance of fur in areas such as mane, tail, and also in their limbs.

8. Thoroughbred Arabian horse

The Arabian horse owes its reputation to its intelligence, strong character and outstanding resistance. With a characteristic head and tail always high, it is one of the best recognized Beautiful Horse Breeds in the world.

In addition to the oldest ones, since there is archaeological evidence of 4,500 years ago of horses very similar to modern Arabs. In the course of history, the Arab horses of the Middle East, spread throughout the world thanks to trade and wars. They were also widely used to improve other races by adding speed, refinement, strength and good bone structure. Today, Arab lines can be found in almost every modern breed of horses to ride.

9. Norwegian Fjord Horse

The color of the Fjord, originally from Norway, and the old mane cuts, are unique in the equine world. The Fjord has been reproduced in the Highiand pony and the Icelandic pony. It measures between 1.30 and 1.40 m. tall, approximately. It is a characteristic yellow or brown color.
It has a strong body, short legs, and rough mane in three layers. Very willing, strong, and docile. The main uses to which it is intended, are farm work, driving, mountain, and cargo horse.

10. Shire horse

The Shire, is one of the most powerful horses that have been raised, which lacks speed, compensates for it with its strength and endurance. Its large compact body has long and very powerful backs and forearms. The chest is wide, and the hindquarters muscular. The head has an arched profile and large cheeks. Most of them are white shoes and the lower extremities covered with long silky hair that covers the strong and round helmets.

The Shire is a docile horse, stable and willing. It can be used for agricultural tasks and perfect for exhibits.

11. Trotter Horse of Orlov

An Orlov trotter, combines bearing, light and powerful constitution, and general elegance based on the quality of its proportions. The legs are thin and straight with perfect muscle development. In Russia it is used for troikas, a three-horse hitching method, being the one in the middle, the one that advances at a light jog, while those at the ends, bend outwards forced by the tension of the reins.

It is one of the oldest and most popular races in Russia. Created in 1775 by Count Alexis Orlov Tchestmensky, from pure Smetanka Arabic, mated with a Danish mare.

12. Gypsy horse

The gypsy horse is known not only for its great beauty, but also for its versatility, it was originally bred in the 19th century by gypsies, or Roma people of the United Kingdom. People who travel, as they are also known, raised horses for work, as well as beauty and sweetness. Even in today’s gypsy culture, the measure of a family’s success is determined by the quality and size of their horses. These are the result of the mixture of Shires, Clydesdale, Frisians, Dales and other native English Beautiful Horse Breeds.

13. Knabstrupper horse

In 1812, the Knabstrupper breed originated with the Flaeb mare, also known as Flaebehoppen, which was raised in Knabstrupgaard, in Denmark. Known for having a strong color, this breed was much sought after in Europe. Over time they mated with the Appaloosas, this step guaranteed the restoration of the Knabstruppers. Divided into three different types, they are classified into “Pony”, “Baroque” and “Sport”, each with their individual strengths. All Knabstruppers are appreciated for their health and kind temperament.

14. Pinto

The Pinto Horse is a breed of horse that comes from the Arabian horse.
He was born as ‘horse of the Indians’, being the ‘redskins’ who started their breeding. They were looking for the wildest horses, in order to cross them with the Spanish horses. The crusaders with the Quarter Beautiful Horse Breeds, gave rise to the Paint horse, very similar to the Pinto, but with characteristics of the Quarter.

El Pinto has been raised in a controlled manner since 1930, when he began to look for a homogeneous appearance through mixing with pure English blood and the Arabian horse. It can be said that it is a race that is still consolidating and has had recent success.

15. Appaloosa horse


Apalusa or Appaloosa is a fur of horse raised, according to the norms of an association founded in Idaho (United States) in 1938, Appaloosa Horse Club. This association wanted to preserve the horses of the Nez Perce tribe almost extinct.

An important aspect in the current Appaloosa is that of its fur called “freckled” or “appaloosa” (in lower case). There are other breeds of horses with this “appaloosa” fur. In some cases, as an exclusive color and in others as occasional or frequent fur along with other colors.

The AraAppaloosa is the breed that resulted from the crossing of the Arabian horse with the Appaloosa horse.

16. Lusitanian horse 

The Lusitanian horse is an equine breed of Portuguese origin whose name derives from Lusitania. This is an Iberian horse of the Baroque type, which until the 1960s, shared a record book with the Andalusian horse.

Their elevation to the cross, goes from 150 to 160 cm, they are compact, with muscular hindquarters, strong and long legs, with great amplitude in the passage, inclined rump, low insertion tail, wide chest, rounded ribs, wide front, Roman nose, mane and tail abundant. Lusitanian horses have a wide variety of solid colors, with palomino and cremello being the least frequent and sought after.

As with the Andalusian horse, it has traditionally highlighted its bravery, flexibility and nobility that make them suitable for riding, grouting and dressage.

17. Andalusian horse

The Andalusian horse (officially Pure Spanish Breed) is a breed of Spanish horse native to Andalusia. It is a baroque Iberian horse that is among the oldest equine races in the world. In Spain it is also commonly known as “Spanish horse” and is officially called “Pura Raza Española” (PRE), because it is considered that the Andalusian is the Spanish horse par excellence, although there are many other Spanish equine races. However, in most countries, it is called “Andalusian horse”. The Carthusian horse is one of the most important breeding lines of this breed.

Beautiful Horse Breeds

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