The Eight Giant And Monstrous River Fishes

This is a small list of the most horrible river monsters in the world that have been made known on other occasions, but that, due to its importance, its  replicates it for your entertainment … and taste. And which ones do you know? 

The Eight Giant And Monstrous River Fishes

Mekong catfish

The Pangasiodon gigas is considered the largest freshwater fish on the planet. It’s naked and devoid of scales body can exceed three meters in length and 295 kilos in weight.

Its main habitat is the waters of the lower channel of the Mekong river system, which covers the countries of Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. This species is on the verge of extinction.

Overfishing, associated with the pollution of the waters through which it navigates, in addition to the destruction of small rivers and tributaries, important for spawning, are the main causes of its accelerated disappearance.


The catfish (Silurus glanis) is a species of freshwater fish, of the family Siluridae , order of the Siluriformes. It is a benthic fish, endowed with large beards and night activity.

Catfish is the largest inland fish in Europe, and one of the most voluminous of epicontinental waters; It can reach a large size in favorable conditions, up to 500 cm in length and 300 kilos in weight.

This fish has been illegally introduced in the Ebro River (Spain ) as well as in many other rivers of the old continent, which makes it a kind of “plague” in many rivers in Europe.

Congo Tiger Fish

Hydrocynus goliath or Tiger Fish is a fierce predator found in the deep waters of the Congo River (it is the deepest river in the world, reaching in some points the incredible depth of 230 meters).

His huge teeth and more than a meter and a half in length make him look like a huge piranha; although no attacks on people are known, they usually feed on fish carcasses or other large fish.

Some specimens still with their mouths closed can see the big teeth.


The arapaima (Arapaima gigas), also called Pirarucú or Paiche, is an osteictio fish, that is, endowed with a bone skeleton, belonging to the Osteoglycoside family.

It is elongated and has a sharp jaw that gives an appearance similar to the Lucio fish. The color of his skin is brown, with iridescence and reddish hues in the caudal region.

Its body is covered with large scales and the dorsal and anal fins, very narrow, are close to the tail. It can measure more than three meters and reach a weight greater than 120 kilos is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world.

Its range includes the river courses of the Amazon. At a certain time of the year he lives in poorly oxygenated waters, so that the oxygen absorbed by his gills is insufficient, so he must breathe atmospheric air or “gasp” at least once per hour.

This helps you breathe since the mucosa of your mouth is very rich in blood vessels, where you perform the exchange of air without having lungs.

Giant Blanket Fish

Unknown to science until 1990, the Giant Freshwater Stripe is an elusive creature that inhabits deep rivers in South-East Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Northern Australia.

According to connoisseurs, it reaches an estimated weight between 250 to 450 kilos. The body usually reaches a diameter of two meters or more , although, adding the tail, it would double its extension.

The lack of precision in the data delays the appointment as the heaviest freshwater fish in the world, although there is no doubt that it is a solid candidate for the title.

It is estimated that the population is seriously threatened by poachingand the alteration of its ecosystem.

Chinese Giant Spatula Fish

The spatula fish can reach seven meters in length, it is much larger than the Arapaima and the Mekong Catfish, although it is not an exclusive freshwater species.

It is a fish so rare that little is known about its behavior, life cycle, migratory habitats and population structure.

It is an endemic species of the Yangtze River in China. It has special features such as his sword-shaped face. People call it elephant fish and swim on the surface of the water like a whale.

The last confirmed sighting of a spatula fish in the river dates from June 24, 2004. An expedition made by scientists in the Yangtze River during 2006 and 2008 did not find a single spatula fish, so scientists believe that this fish is On the brink of extinction.

Alligator Gar or Crocodile Fish

The Alligator Gar is a primitive freshwater fish  and is found mainly in the southeastern United States. It has a double row of large teeth in the upper jaw.

It is clear where its name comes from. The dorsal surface of the Alligator Gar is an olive or brown oil color, while the ventral surface tends to be a lighter color.

Their scales are diamond shaped and are sometimes used by Native Americans for jewelry, apart from being very sharp if we touch them by hand.

This fish is able to breathe the air and can survive up to two hours above the water. It is the largest exclusively freshwater fish in North America . It can be so long from 2.50 meters to three meters.

It often weighs at least 90 kg at maturity. The current world record for Major Alligator Gar captured with a rod and reel is 127 kilos and the largest captured with archery (Bowfishing) is 165 kilos.

Nile River Perch

Giant fish that lives mainly in the Nile River and that was introduced into Lake Victoria in Africa for fishing.

It is a fish that only exists in the rivers and lakes of Africa. Since its introduction into Lake Victoria in 1960, the fish has become an “invasive species,” which has led to the disappearance of several species native to the lake.

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