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Top 10 Technologies That Are Changing The World

Top 10 Technologies That Are Changing The World

Top 10 Technologies That Are Changing The World | This is the Top 10 Technologies That Are Changing The World. Are you gonna look back on this article and laugh at how wrong I was – or am I gonna be seen as some sort of prophet? Lets find out as we start at.

Top 10 Technologies That Are Changing The World

1. Machine Learning

Now with Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence is increasing at neckbreak speed thanks to machine learning. Huge increases in data and computing power means that we may no longer have to tell AI exactly what to do each step of the way. Instead, we simply tell it what we want – for example, recognize a face, and then we give it enough data for it to be able to learn by itself. It may get it wrong a thousand times but eventually the number of mistakes will get down to zero .

2. Real Fake News

Technology has replaced a lot of jobs in the world but did you ever expect that it could replace jobs in news? Heliograf is the name of a bot that some publications are using to write news articles for them. This is how it works. Editors create narrative templates for the stories, including key phrases. Then, they hook Heliograf up to a source of data and there you have it – a story written by an AI, sometimes with its own opinions and narrative voice. Companies are looking to use this to generate articles covering many smaller stories instead of getting a handful of humans to spend hours just focusing on the big ones. Im wondering if this may even get to a point where just you searching for a story will instantly create a full article on it for you to read. If that ever happens, tell everyone it was my idea. Thanks.

3. Self Driving Cars

Companies like Google and Uber have been developing self driving cars for years now. The progress doesnt take to make mainstream news unless an accident occurs but successes are happening and theyre happening fast. Some experts say they could be become a normal sight in some cities by 2022.

4. CGI

Every year, people go to the movies and marvel at how much CGI seems to be progressing – its been steady improvements for a number of years now but for those of you that saw Star Wars Rogue One – youll know that CGI now has the ability to perfectly recreate people who never filmed at all. In that movie, a CGI version of a young Carrie Fisher reprised her role as princess Leia. Carrie died just a few weeks after the movies release. People began debating about the ethics of using CGI avatars of people after they die. Others felt there is an even bigger topic to discuss – what if this CGI gets so good, it can create videos of people doing and saying things they never did and never said.

5. Drones

For a lot of people, Drones are nothing more than a cool thing for videographers to own or people who love trends. Amazon changed peoples perception though when they announced their plans to have delivery drones all over the world one day, shipping almost anything you want to your door within minutes. Some experts actually think renting will become more popular when it comes to drones. People might not bother spending hundreds of dollars to own things they only use a few tiems a year when they can just rent it for a few dollars whenever they need it and have it delivered by drones in minutes.

6. Stem Cells

Stem cells are cells that can differentiate into other types of cells. They can be found in the likes of bone marrow and blood. It’s hoped that they can provide treatment for disease such as diabetes, heart disease, parkinsons, alzheimers and cancer. Enough stem cells can even be used to grow entire organs for patients without the fear of their bodies rejecting them as the stem cells would come from their own body.

7. Augmented Reality

Many science fiction works have imagined humans of the future living in some sort of virtual reality but augmented reality seems to be challenging that idea. Augmented reality is the real world with computer generated information displayed on top in realtime. At the moment, headsets are most commonly used to display graphics in front of the persons eyes. In the future though – contact lenses will most likely be the prefered method of display.

8. Cybernetic Technology

For most of us, we see amputations as an unfortunate way to save someones life by removing a part of their body. Amputations may be seen in a whole new light though with the advent of Cybernetic Technology. Prosthetic limbs are starting to become better than real ones. Experts predict that if they become realistic looking aswell, people may start to have their own limbs removed in favour of these prosthetic limbs that could make them faster, stronger and fitter in just about every way. If that happens, will we see a divide in society between the rich who can afford these super bodies and the poor who cannot?

9. Nanotechnology

This is the manipulation of matter on the atomic or supermolecular level. It has a range of implications such as making technology faster and devices smaller. It can be used to make materials that perform a lot better than current ones. Perhaps the most intriguing use of nano technology is the creation of nano bots. They would be small enough to flow through your blood stream and fight off any disease or ailments in your body – becoming a sort of artificial immune system.

10. Reusable Space Technology

One of the biggest things that has stopped space travel from being open to the public has been the cost. Space travel has always been an insanely expensive business and so not commercially viable. Thats all changing with the likes of companies such as Space X. Their reusable rockets have helped slash the cost of launching a shuttle into space. It will still remain expensive for a while yet, but eventually, space travel could become affordable to the average member of the public.

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