Top 5 horse breeds for racing All Over The World

There are many races of horse breeds for racing that stand out for their power, starts and speed

Some races of horses have been developed for the competition and in the following article we tell you which are the main racehorses that exist. We also provide you with all the necessary information to understand this sport, which attracts millions of people around the world.

horse breeds for racing history

The competitions with equines have a long history, since race vestiges have been found in ancient civilizations such as Greece, Babylon, Syria and Egypt . The legends and myths also feature stories related to racehorses, as is the case of steeds mounted by the god Odin and the giant Hrungnir in Norse mythology.

The Greeks, Romans and Byzantines practiced a very popular sport: float racing, a discipline that was present in the Olympic Games since 648 BC and in the Panhellenic Games.

A little closer in time – between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries – the spring carnival in Rome was terminated after horse racing. Of course, in North Africa, today the Middle East, these animals have also always been very prominent and used for various tasks , including of course the races.

Since ancient times, competitions with horses have been considered ‘sports of kings, aristocrats and nobles’. With the passage of time, riders have been improving their techniques and today the races are successful worldwide.

There are different types of equestrian races: flat (where the track is straight or oval), with obstacles (popular in the United Kingdom), harnesses or resistance, with distances between 40 and 160 kilometers.

What races of horse breeds for racing exist?

Top 5 horse breeds for racing All Over The World

Depending on the type of competition, riders choose one or the other racehorse races. The main and most popular among racing enthusiasts are:

1. Pure blood

While it is said that all horses racing are ‘pure blood’, the truth is that this race is the only one of that name officially. It is an animal developed in England in the eighteenth century, after the cross of four British mares with Arabian stallions and berber. The goal was to create distance corridors.

horse breeds for racing Modern thoroughbreds descend from three imported males: Goldophin Barb, Byverly Turk and Darley Arabian . They are 1.63 meters tall and the fur can be brown, curb, sorrel or zaino with white spots on the face and lower legs.

2. Quarter mile

The Quarter Horse was created in the western United States thanks to the crossing of a thoroughbred and a local Saddlebred . You can run the 400 meters of the long races, so that is where that peculiar name comes from

Short, large, big-breasted, wide-chested and muscular, this horse has quick starts, can turn and stop in seconds and its temperament is calm . In addition, it is characterized by its resistance, its speed and its stability.

3. Arabic

He is one of the best known racehorses in the world due to his intelligence , his endurance and his strong character. It is also one of the oldest and purest races, which reached other latitudes outside the Middle East, thanks to trade and wars. horse breeds for racing

They are valued by the Bedouin and nomadic desert inhabitants , since they are quick to learn by always offering a great predisposition . They also have extreme beauty with the naked eye.

4. Appaloosa

It was created in the United States, specifically in the city of Idaho, in the mid-1930s. Its main features are freckled or spotted fur, which can be leopard, spotted, snowflake or marbled. It is one of the fastest horse races that exists.

  1. American paint

It is the typical horse worn by the cowboys of the Western United States , very fast and similar to the Quarter Mile, with the exception of their fur, which is painted or stained. They are also valued for their ability to travel great distances and, of course, for their beauty.

horse breeds for racing

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